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RollerCoaster Tycoon Loopy Landscapes Cheats

RollerCoaster Tycoon - Loopy Landscapes

Submitted by: Andi
this works on all scenario's in the loopy landscape pack to get the 
folling things to happen hold the ENTER button and hit the follong keys;

Number       effect
   1          see -thru land
   2          shows boundrys of park
   3          all rides and attraction are see-thru
   4          see-thru trees
   5          removes supports on all rides
   6          makes people dissapear
   7          shows grid lines on land by making the 
              squares outline dark green
   8          marks the land with height markers
   9          marks the rides with height markers
   0          marks the paths with height markers
   h          turns the grass black
   v          turns the dirt black

by hittting the number or letter again reverses the affect...

Submitted by: Tootsie

In the game if you play arid hights (you don\'t 
have to but it is a good map to play around in 
because you do not have money so go crazy on the 
rides)any ways build a small pond and build jet 
skies or paddle boats then select the water tool 
and make it as big as possible(you really don\'t 
need to do that but it makes it easier to get it)
then when a jet skie or paddle boat is in the right 
area rasie the water it is on then lower it but make 
sure to do to fast this is really like the disapering 
drowning guest and if you build a water slide or any 
ride that some how gets stuck instead of selling it 
just close it and right click or it it will take away 
all the guests and carts they are in on that ride 
then re-open it it and wa-laa i don\'t know if the 
counts it as killing them but to me it did not and 
if one thing bugs me is when i build a really sweet 
coaster and they say to is to intense so if you are 
creative and play arid hights becarefull i can go 
over boerd with my rides and it is 15.3 for intenseity 
wich is extreme or very high i am not sure but do not 
go there it makes you mad and if you have grass and 
play in maps where you have money if you hire a handy 
man click on him and click the pointing hand a click 
mow lawn because that is a waster of time and your 
money you can do it yourself for a little bit of money 
and if your rides are good and people vomit* all your 
handymen will mow the grass and not pick the vomit* up.

Submitted by: Donnald Alward

To Hire Einstine Find Guest #1 & #2.
Rename Guest #1 E=Mc2.
Then Rename Guest #2 E=Mc2.
Then One Day They Will Ask If You Could Hire 
Them And Say Yes.
Then You Will Get Every Roller Coaster And Have 
Billions Of Dollers To Spend.

Picture guest: 
Enter "Chris Sawyer" as a guest name to have them walk 
around and take pictures of your park.

Painting guest: 
Enter "Simon Foster" as a guest name to have them walk 
around and paint pictures in your park.

Waving guest: 
Enter "Katie Brayshaw" as a guest name to have them walk 
around and wave to everyone they meet.

Hungry guest: 
Enter "Tony Day" as a guest name.

Happy guest: 
Enter "Melanie Warn" as a guest name. 

Double payment for rides guest: 
Enter "John Mace" as a guest name.

"Wow!" thinking guest:
Enter "John Wardley" as a guest name.

Faster Go-Karts:
Enter "Damon Hill" as a guest name. Enter 
"Michael Schumacher" as a guest name to race 
even faster.

When playing a new scenario for the first time, spend a 
few minutes looking at it, making some adjustments and 
gauging their effects, and so on, without worrying about 
how well you're doing. Then exit without saving and 
restart the scenario with a better idea of how to attack it. 

Bathrooms: I know they're boring, but they can have a big 
effect on your park rating. 

In the Arid Heights scenario, don't forget that you can 
put in grass. The scenario starts off looking like a 
sandbox, but it doesn't have to end that way.

Submitted by: Sharpie
When working in either Dynamite Dunes or Bumbly Beach, Delete 
the already existing rollercoaster because they will just cause 
you problems in the end. For example, the one in Bumbly Beach 
eventually crashes and you won't have enough money to rebuild 
the awesome money-maker. You will get more money by demolishing 
them. I did this and I beat the scenario.

Submitted by: Dakota

Make a guest fly to do the just click on a geust and the click the claws 
and dont set him down while you are holding on to them press backspace and 
he will fly.

Follow the leader exit:
When your park is thriving, put up a "no entry" banner in front of the exit. 
A vast amount of guests who want to leave will not be able to, and will hang 
around by the exit. Note: Your park rating will drop. When you remove the 
banner, the crowd will stream out like lemmings.

Flying boats:
Make a boat ride like the rowboats or the bumper boats. Set the water very hight 
and build it there. After you have as many people as desired on the ride, drain 
all the water. They will be flying. Note: They can fly over anything except park 
boundaries and land higher than them.

Sky full of balloons:
Near the last month of your objective, if your about to win, build a lot of 
balloon stalls. Set the cost of the balloons to free and make them all different 
colors so the guests will buy a lot of them. Then when you win, your guests will 
let go of their balloons and there will be a sky full of them. Also, when the all 
balloons pop it will sound like fireworks.

Keep Guests Longer:
To keep guests in your park simply put a banner behind the exit and select the 
"No Entry" button. The guests will not pass the sign, and will instead stay in 
your park. Be careful, though. Your park rating will drop drastically.
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