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Rayman Gold Cheats

Rayman Gold

Level select:
Select a world from the main map. Hold [Tab], type openall, 
and press [Backspace] to access any level on that world. 

Cheat mode:
Hold [Tab] and type one of the following codes during game 
play to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                              Code
Full energy                       - points  
View all gold coins               - goldens  
5 more lives                      - lives05 [Backspace]  
20 more lives                     - lives20 [Backspace]  
50 more lives                     - lives50 [Backspace]  
Use cursor keys for free movement - moveray [Backspace]

Submitted by: cheatsbook
Hold [Tab] and enter the following codes at the indicated screen 
at activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Indicated screen: Map

Effect                                           Code
Play mini-game; unlocked after game completion - olivier or cbray
Play different mini game                       - cbrayal
Lens effect                                    - lens
Acquire all powers at start of level           - benoit or power
Level select                                   - Francois, alworld, or alevel
Set 100MHz refresh Rate                        - freq10
set 80MHz refresh rate                         - freq80

Indicated screen: Gameplay

Effect                                          Code
99 lives; does not work for level 18           - bertrand or raylives
Maximum hitpoints; does not work for level 18  - christ or raypoint
All powers; does not work for level 18         - benoit or power
Gold fist                                      - antoine or goldfist
+10 Tings; maximum 99, does not work level 18  - jojo or raywiz
Level skip                                     - cyril or winmap
Toggle free movement                           - [backspace]overay
Toggle special message display                 - program
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