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Rally Masters Michelin Race of Champions Cheats

Rally Masters - Michelin Race of Champions

Submitted by: rickHH

It really helps to use a gamepad or a joystick with avery 
tight throw. That stiffness makes the accelerate/decelerate 
nature of rally racing much easier to control. 
Force feedback will hurt your performance here. 

Stay focused and keep control at all times. Spend more 
time at first in the excellent Time Attack mode. Whittle 
your time down for each track until you can do it in your 
sleep, then tackle the career or multiplayer options. 

Learn how to powerslide (especially in four-wheel drive) 
and how to manually shift while PC racing. It shaves seconds 
off your time, and real-world rally racing is generally won 
by the thousandths of a second.
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