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Rainbow Six 3 Athena Sword Cheats

Rainbow Six 3 - Athena Sword

Cheat Codes:
Update by: The Rawdings
Submitted by: RM

Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then,
enter one of the following codes.

Code                        Result
behindView 1            - Allows you to play in third person (0 is first person) 
ghost                   - Allows you to fly around the map (typing Walk will end it) 
fullAmmo                - Stocks your player with lots of ammo 
demoRec demoname        - Records a demo of your current game 
stopDemo                - Stops recording current demo 
demoPlay demoname       - Plays the demo you call upon. 
god                     - Makes you invincible 
godteam                 - Makes you and your team invincible 
godhostage              - Makes the hostages invincible; this command: 1 - Yes 2 - No
godall                  - Activates all the god modes 
toggleUnlimitedPractice - Mission objectives are updated but game never ends 
toggleCollision         - Allows you to walk through other actors 
                          (team, terrorists and hostages) 
toggleThreatInfo        - Shows threat info 
neutralizeTerro         - Neutralises all terrorists on the level 
disarmbombs             - Disarms all the bombs on the level 
deactivateIODevice      - Deactivate IODevice like phones, laptop (ie: plant a bug) 
rescuteHostage          - "Rescues" all hostages on the level 
disableMorality         - Disables morality rules -- Terrorist Commands -- 
callTerro               - Calls all terrorists to your location 
playerInvisible         - Toggle player detection by terrorists 
tSurrender              - All terrorists surrender on sight 
tSprayFire              - Makes the terrorists shoot wildly when they see you 
tAimedfire              - Makes all terrorists aim and fire at you 
tRunAway                - Makes all terrorists run away from you 
tNoThreat               - Sets all terrorits back to their original no threat state 
rescueHostage           - Instantly free hostages

Bloody alien mode:
Enabel the following codes in order: explore, clodhopper, 1-900, and teamgod. To get
bloody, throw a grenade on the ground and let it explode near you. Alternately, you 
can switch your people and make him shoot at you then switch back to your original 
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