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Rainbow Six Vegas Cheats

Rainbow Six - Vegas

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Play the Fremont Street level and look for a ledge that has a bottle of Axe cologne. 
Shoot the bottle. The neon roof of the Fremont Street Experience will change to an 
animation of a girl in a bikini with some Axe items. This is followed by a sequence
with outtakes and early animations.

Secret Lab:
When Jung must hack the computer to open the door to Irena, enemies rappel down
from the windows. Before you tell him to hack, send your team to the far side of
the room over near the fenced area. Then, run behind the computerand tell Jung 
to hack it. A trigger will activate and the enemies will start pouring into the
room. Your team will take most of them out on the way to the computer. If one of
the team goes down Jung will stop moving towards the computer and sit there (or 
Michael, depending on who goes down). Once there is a pause in the onslaught, 
tell him to heal your partner. You can then order them around as usual. During
this time Jung was supposed to be hacking the terminal but killing all the 
enemies skips this part. Once done, tell Jung to hack it again. He will open the
door to Irena. Micheal gets left behind. Watch yourself; there are enemies on 
the stairs above you and will pick you off as you come up, especially on under
the realistic difficulty setting. 

Rank bonuses:
Attain the indicated rank to unlock the items for multi-player mode. 

1st Lieutenant (214000 experience points)     : Headgears 4 (Half-Face Mask, Reinforced Helm,
                                                Tactical Goggles)
2nd Lieutenant (172000 experience points)     : Camo 3 (Pink, Blue, Woodland, Wasp, Sand, Crimson)
Captain (264000 experience points)            : Merc Weapons (MG36, SPAS12, Deagle)
Colonel (535000 experience points)            : Headgears 5 (Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helm, NVGs)
Corporal (14500 experience points)            : Camo 1 (Desert, Urban, Russian, Guerrilla, Fall, 
                                                Desert 2)
Elite (675000 experience points)              : Camo 5 (Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3)
First Sergeant (109500 experience points)     : Headgears 3 (Bonnie Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles)
Lt. Colonel (425000 experience points)        : Camo 4 (Yellow Urban, Red Urban, Tiger, Rust, Urban
                                                2, Grey)
Major (330000 experience points)              : Military Armor (Vier Recon Armor, Diamondback Combat
                                                Armor, Anaconda Assault Armor)
Master Sergeant (82500 experience points)     : Freedom Fighter weapons (AK47, Raging Bull, SV98)
Private 1st Class (3000 experience points)    : Headgears 1 (Tactical Helm, Balaclava)
Sergeant (23500 experience points)            : Tactical Armor (Raven Recon Armor, Vulture Combat 
                                                Armor, Falcon Assault Armor)
Sergeant First Class (56500 experience points): Camo 2 (Flecktarn, Orange, Swedish, War2k5, Alpen, 
Sergeant Major (139000 experience points)     : Black Market Armor (Typhoon Recon Armor, Cyclone 
                                                Combat Armor, Hurricane Assault Armor)
Specialist (8400 experience points)           : Rainbow Weapons (MP7A1, SIG552, USP40) 
Staff Sergeant (38500 experience points)      : Headgears 2 (3 Hole Balaclava, Baseball Cap,
                                                Breathing Mask)

"Exclusive Gone Wrong": Easier entry:
As soon as you start the mission, make your squad rappel down the left part of the 
building. Then, order them to go down until they are able to breach. After that, 
go to the middle of the roof with the opening. Drop an C4, incendiary, smoke, or 
frag and keep shooting through the glass. After a few seconds, order your squad 
to breach into the building. Finally, rappel down into the building.

Better vision through smoke:
After you deploy a smoke, put on your thermal goggles.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory reference:
In the "Dante's Casino" level near the arcade, there is a machine labeled Tom 
Clancy's: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. 

Flash & Clear: 
The Flashbang Grenade produces a blinding flash and a defeaning blast. 
It temporarily confuses and disorients potential threats, making this a non-
lethal tool that's especially effective for hostage scenarios.

Smoke Grenades:
A Smoke Grenade can cover your movement when Terrorists have you pinned down. 
Use your Thermal Vision to see the enemies' heat signature through the smoke 
and neutralize them.

No Respawn:
In versions of Attack & Defend and Retrieval, you can win the match by 
eliminating all the enemies. 

Hostage Rescue:
Your team loses if you kill a hostage, so be sure to use non-lethal gadgets such as
Tear Gas and Flashbang grenades to slow down the enemy's advance. Even with Friendly
Fire turned off, hostages can be injured. Hostages cannot use Fast Ropes and Rappels.
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