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Railway to Heaven Cheats

Railway to Heaven

Submitted by: RM

-Look upwards, grab the green pipe 
-Click the bottom right of the screen, grab the match 
-Turn right once, in the second sand bit you will find another 
 match and a metal thing 
-In the same screen click on the middle rail, use the metal thing 
 on the loose nail and get it 
-Turn right again and pick up the hammer 
-From that screen go to the bottom right and pick up a green pipe 
-View the metal piece in about items, then use the matches on it 
 and they will light up 
-Two corners of the box have a metal band around the bottom, use 
 both your green things and the lit matches on them 
-They should now pop off 
-Now use the nail to on each of the grey tabs at the bottom of the 
-Now click on the chain 
-You have just escaped!
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