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Raider Episode 2 Cheats

Raider - Episode 2

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: David K

Eye of YALORT:
A Holy Icon made in the shape of the symbol of YALORT, the Omnidragon.

Beast Egg:
Its Signer must be wondering where it went to...

Lingon Mask:
A golden sculpture in the shape of the head of a lingon, the Unofficial
Overseers of the Astrostles Galaxy.

Annunaki Statuette:
A small golden statue of Moric, one of the Governance de Magi, wielding 
his scythe, Mortus.

Author: Nguyen Thanh Dat 

Vietnamese: game shoot the aircraft, a fleet against evil is the primary 
modern aircraft and the aircraft approved by the evil bosses are very 
strong and extremely thick titanium armor can not puncture and two aircraft
to the battle valiantly to prevent them, so they do not harm innocent people.
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