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Raiden 3 Cheats

Raiden 3

Cheat Codes:
This game is titled also "Raiden III"
Submitted by: RM

Unlockables: Boss Attack Mode / Gallerys:
Once a boss is defeated, it will be available in Boss Attack Mode. You can 
take on any boss you wish without going through the level. Complete the game
and "All" will become available allowing you to take on every boss one after
another. Unlockables Boss Attack Once a boss is defeated, it is available in
Boss Attack Mode, where you can freely select which boss to take on. 
Complete the game and you unlock "All", where you can play through each boss 
in sequence. Unlockable How to Unlock Ace Ranking Replays Each level completed
unlocks the Ace replay for that stage. Free Play Complete the game once (any 
difficulty) Gallery Mode Complete the game once (any difficulty) Ship Model 
View Complete the game once (any difficulty). This mode allows you to view 
all major ships in the game.

Unlockable            How to unlock
Ace Ranking Replays - Complete a level and a replay video of an ace player
                      will be available.
Boss Attack Mode    - Defeat a boss and this mode is unlocked.
Free Play           - Complete the game once and you will have infinite continues.
Gallery Mode        - Complete the game once and you can view the whole picture 
Ship Model View     - Complete the game once and view 3D renderings of your 
                      ships and enemies.
Credits             - An extra credit will be unlocked for approximately each 
                      hour of game play.
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