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Psychonauts Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RMF

Hold [Left Shift] + Right Mouse Button and quickly enter one of the following codes 
during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. The phrase "You cheated" 
will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. 

All Powers:
Press X, X, F, E, Tab, F.

All Powers Upgraded:
Press Tab, click Mouse Wheel, Tab, E, X, E.

Full Ammo:
Click Mouse Wheel, Space, Tab, Tab, F, X.

Full Arrowheads:
Press Space, click Mouse Wheel t, E, F, Left Mouse Button.

Full Lives:
Press Tab, E, E, X, Space, click Mouse Wheel.

Global Items:
Click Mouse Wheel, X, E, E, Right Mouse Button, Tab, F.

Claw TK attack:
Once you have defeated the Lungfish and have entered his mind, your TK attack 
turns from a hand to a claw. 

Bonus movie:
Reach Psi Cadet rank 100 by collecting all Psi-Orbs, Psi-Cards, Cobwebs, Figments, 
Emotional Baggage, and scavenger hunt items. 

Defeating Jasper:
To defeat Jasper in Gloria's theater, use Pyrokinesis, Levitation, and whatever 
else desired. Use your Levitation Ball to float up the top where the lights are located. 
Jump and use your Levitation Float above the music note to get there. Use Pyrokinesis 
to light the candles and make Jasper dizzy. Go down and punch him until he is no longer 
dizzy. Repeat this to kill him.

Defeating the Lungfish:
To defeat the Lungfish for the first and second stages, whenever he blows out the yellow 
boxes, hit the one he starts to suck in. To win in the final stage, stand by a clam. 
When he starts swinging the thing on his head, punch the clam shell, then punch him.

To defeat the Boss in Lungfishopolis, whenever he shoots the beam thing at you activate 
the shield to make it go back at him.

Black Velvetopia: Easy completion: 
When you are looking for the cards, defeat the wrestlers and obtain the cards (in any order). 
Once you have three of the cards, make sure you have your Levitation power maxed out by 
ranking up. Once you have the high jump levitation, go up to the top of the card tower where 
Edgar is located. Walk into the cards Edgar is working on so that they fly away. 
Then, activate your levitation power and go to the edge of the stable cards. Then, jump. 
You should activate the final Boss fight of El'Odio, and complete the level. This will save 
about fifteen minutes of running and jumping in the level.

Unlock Raz's psychic powers:
Clairvoyance - Go open the fridge in Boid's mind.
Confusion    - You can find it in Bullfighters home in Edgar's mind.
Invisibility - Go and see Ford after you have ranked up enough.
Levitation   - Complete Milla's dance party
Marksmanship - Destroy the Mega Censor in Sasha's mind,
Pyrokinesis  - See Ford after you have ranked up enough.
Shield       - Release the lungfish from prison over in lungfishopolis.
Telekinesis  - Go and see Ford once you have ranked up enough.

Two hidden figments in Tegley's mind:
When you are in Edgar Tegley's mind (the one with the dogs and bull) you might notice that 
two figments are pretty much impossible to find. This is because they are not naturally 
present in the world, but you can unlock a way to reach them. Take the painting of the window
with you and instead of where you would normally place it, put it at the spot of the guitar. 
It will no longer teleport you now, but it will reveal a figment for you. Do the same at the
spot where you would place the vines to reveal the other hidden figment.

Secret vault and area in Milla's mind:
When you are in Milla's mind, it may be difficult to track down a vault. You might also 
notice that achievements suggest there is a secret in her mind, but you can't find it. 
This is how you hit two birds with one stone (is that the right phrase?).  After you enter
her mind, make your way to the area where Milla asks you to go through the hoops using 
levitation. You'll be standing on a flying platform where your classmates or some random 
NPC's are dancing, so walk around it and look at the walls. It's difficult to spot, but 
there is a small door on the wall with a very small platform on which you can land. To 
make sure you reach it, go up to the part where you need to levitate into the currents in
order to reach the ladder. Once you are certain you can make the jump, make it and levitate
towards the entrance. If you happen to fall, then you can use the springs to quickly get 
back up and retry.  Now that you are here, you'll notice there is only a vault and some 
toys. If you are during the training mission, then Milla will beg you to come back to 
the party and not investigate further. Get the vault instead and you'll get some pretty
interesting background-story, but we still don't have that "secret". To get it, punch 
the chest in the corner and it will open. The orange light might seem suspicious, but 
just jump in for a quick peek and an achievement (if your system supports it). Once you
have seen enough, simply jump into the obvious hole in the middle to return where you 
left off.
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