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Psycho Pinball Cheats

Psycho Pinball

To get loads of points on "The Abyss" you can do this:
1. Select 4 players before you start.
2. Select "The Abyss"
3. Start playing and try to light the wreck by first going in to 
   the volcano in the center of the screen and then shoot into the 
   ramp on the right. This will give you 7.000.000 points. Try to 
   light the letters T.A.I.L and then shoot into the whale's mouth, 
   there you should try to light the wreck once more.
4. Do as in number three with the first 3 players.
5. There's a bug in the game Psycho Pinball so the game doesn't 
   reset the wreck points when it's time for a new player. So if 
   you lights the wreck and get the points with the first 3 players 
   you should get alot of points when you light the wreck with 
   the 4th player.
6. Now, try to light and get the other things in the volcano and 
   get the Jackpot. After that you can light the wreck once more with 
   this cheat you will get around 100.000.000 points pretty easy.

To get loads of points on "Psycho" you can do this:
1. Start playing on the "Psycho" level.
2. When you shoot away the ball, shoot it with the hardest speed 
   and try to hit the "Tornado", if you do this you will shoot a 
   "Skill Shot" and you will recive 2.000.000 points.
3. After you've hit a skill shot, let the ball go direct down so 
   that you loose the ball. A voice will say "Stay right there" and 
   you can shoot again becuase you lost the ball to fast.
4. Now you have 2 options the first one is to just shoot the ball with 
   full power, this will result that you will get a extra fish. 
   The 2nd choice is to shoot with almost full power so that the 
   ball bounces around the letter R.I.D.E. Try to light them all and 
   you will get 2x bonus, light them again to get 3x bonus and so on.
5. Try to shoot a "Skill Shot" with all the balls and extra balls 
   becuase with the 1st ball you will get 2.000.000 points, 
   the 2nd 3.000.000, the 3rd 4.000.000, the 4th 5.000.000, and 
   when you hits with the 5th ball you will get 10.000.000 points.
   And with the 6th ball you will get 20.000.000 points
   and so on.
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