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Privateer Cheats


Hitting Alt-O will open a screen that allows you to test 
out the ships Capabilties without much fear of destruction. 
Unlimited ammo, joystick calibration, invulnerabilty (GOD MODE) 
are a few of the options that are available. 
Be careful when using this "cheat" though, if you are either 
flying a mission (cargo or plot) and you go into this option 
screen to save yourself, the mission is considered a failure 
and if you are on a plot mission, you are basically screwed. 
You'll need to go back to a saved game (hopefully you remembered 
to save!) and start from there. Bounty missions are different, 
apparently they are unaffected by this option (sometimes getting 
rid of a mission is good, you can  only "hold" three missions...not 
including plot missions).  
You can get into this mode at any time, even while flying.
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