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Prison Escape Cheats

Prison Escape

Submitted by: RM

-Look carefully everywhere, you may find clues 
-Look at the computer screen, you can find footage from 3 camera 
-Click on the laying prisoners hand till a key falls out 
-Use the key to unlock the handcuffs of a fellow prisoner 
-Click on the shoe of a nearby prisoner to get another key 
-Use that key to open the top door near the warden, get the pliers 
-Use the pliers to open the suitcase near the telephones 
-Find a number in the back of a baldman's head, use it in reverse 
 in the telephone to get another key 
-Use the key to open the second draw, and get a camera lens cover 
-Use this cover to block off the security camera 
-Get the razor out of the walking prisoners pocket 
-Use the razor to cut off the leg of the wardens chair 
-Warden falls.. Gets knocked out... You Escape
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