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Prince of Persia Prodigy Cheats

Prince of Persia Prodigy

Unlimited Light Seeds:
Submitted by: Ananno saKib
Email :

Get "Cheat Engine" (latest edition)... now run the game (not the menu)
the main game & then look at you light seeds & remember it. Now minimize
the game & run "Cheat Engine" you will see a computer icon under the file
menu, click it. & select the PoP's exe file. Then see there is a place 
under the value o the right side, put the light seeds amount there & 
press the new scan button. The soft will scan it & u will get some 
addresses on the left side box.
Now maximize the game and collect some seeds... then again minimize the 
game and put the new light seeds amount in the box & press the Next scan
button. The soft will re-scan it, do this several times, until u have 2-3
addresses left.
Now select all the addresses & press the red cursor under it, now u will 
see the addresses came the box situated below.... now again select all 
the values from the down box and press the right mouse button. 
Then goto "Change record> value" & change the value to 999999  see its 
NOw u can do what ever u want.
For any enquiry please add my id in your messenger.(
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