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Point Blank Cheats

Point Blank

Unlock Brain Massages:
Submitted by: LEMBAEK

The three locked brain massages are unlocked by getting a certain number
of distinct titles. What title you get is influenced by score, so you'll
have to play poorly on purpose to get a lot of them.

An Analog Brain    - 10 distinct titles.
Beat The Old Timer - 25 distinct titles.
Total Insanity     - 50 distinct titles.

High faster get exp:
If you wanna have lots exp. you can use women caracter it's make you easy
for plays!

Mini Indonesia Dead Match Tips:
Try the following weapons. 

Part of Mini Indonesia    Effective Standard Weapon
Hill (CT and Free Rebel) - Sniper Rifle.
Jawa Land                - ssault Rifle, SMG, Sniper Rifle.
Kalimantan land          - Assault Rifle, Ext. weapon.
Sulawesi Land            - Random Weapon (except Sniper Rifle).
Papua Land               - Random Weapon.
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