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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Cheats

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Flying Cactus or Engineer:
When playing as the Cactus, stand on the edge of a tallnut barricade, or the edge of
a wall, and press the appropriate button to activate your drone. Fly beneath the 
vantage point where your Cactus is positioned and from there ascend to position the
Cactus on the flying drone you are controlling. You can fly up to a roof or other 
high elevation, reaching areas that would otherwise be unavailable to that class. 
A similar technique also works as the Engineer with its drone, though not as effectively.

Infinite coins exploit:
Play Garden Ops mode as the Sunflower on the easiest difficulty setting and select any 
map, although Garden Center works the best. Proceed through the first wave without 
using any potted plants at all, until only one zombie remains. Once this occurs, quickly
plant a Scaredy Shroom plant and lure the zombie over to it when it is scared so it 
starts to eat it. Now start healing the Scaredy Shroom using the LB ability, which will
quickly generate coins to the tune of about 20,000 per hour, as long as you keep it going.
You can even do this while you step away from your console.

Slender Man Easter Egg:
* Go to the backyard of the Zomboss Estate map and look carefully beyond the thick tree 
  cover forming the boundaries of the map.
* The Zomboss Estate is part of the recently released Zomboss Down DLC expansion. Donít 
  worry, itís totally free!
* Look in the forested section to the left of the graveyard. Heís pretty far back behind 
  the trees, so he can be a little tricky to spot, but heís there!
* Slender Man is known for his penchant to hang around the woods. Thankfully, this version
  just sits still. He wonít chase your plant or zombie when you turn away. 
* Slender Man is so chill that heíll even let you shoot him. Carefully aiming between the
  trees, you can peg Slendy with a few rounds. But, if you try to fly in the sky and rain
  death from above, it looks like the suited figure simply disappears.
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