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Pirates Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

* When fighting a large ship that has you severely outgunned, try
  to go in for a sword fight instead of trying to shoot the ship.
* The best skills to choose at the start are sword fighting, and 
  navigation. Sword fighting will make your opponents move more 
  slowly in a sword fight, and navigation will let your ship 
  travel faster and  turn more quickly.

* When fighting against unbelievable odds dont panic. Choose the
  long sword. Keep using the slash-high attack to cause the most
  damage. You may get down to only one man left, but you can still
  defeat the enemy captain. After you win, select send a prize crew
  so you will have enough people to sail your ship.

* Don't attack a nation your home country is allied with, it will 
  upset both of them.

* Don't wed till you've got all your promotions, your oppurtunities
  will be much better. Make conversation with all the governors 
  daughters, however, they might gather important information for 
  you from the governors mansion.

Easy rank increase:
Hail all friendly ships that are encountered and ask for news. 
Eventually, a Letter of Marque from that nation will be collected.
Repeat this keep increasing in rank.

Crew happiness:
Get to 40 years old. The crew will always be happy no matter what 
the size for some time.
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