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Pillage The Village Cheats

Pillage The Village

Submitted by: RM

Defeating villagers:
Use the ACME Anvil to smash houses and kill groups of villagers.

Defeating parachute men:
Throw the parachute man up into the air. Wait until he deploys his parachute, 
then click on the parachute. You can now kill him however desired.

Defeating knights:
Wait until the knight tries to attack you with his sword, then dodge the sword. 
When the knight turns red and with his sword stuck into the ground, throw the 
knight into the air. 

Defeating money men:
Wait until the money men are grappling up to steal your money, then throw them
up into the air.

Defeating flyers:
Throw the flyer up into the air. Wait until he has his wings out, then throw
him into the ground.

Submitted by: zero0orez

I found this weird glitch: First time i played,there was a save file.
I opened it. Stats are:

level 22
-40 alignment

power gauntlet
acme anvil
electrec fence
lethl ingection

sandbox with everything
sorry for my wrong spellings

Submitted by: cheater

Type these words when your playing. Not pause gameplay!

type: owmygodwatthefuckbarbeque = $10,000 cash
type: devilsareangels           = anvil lvl.3
type: sheepdontcry              = slave cage lvl.3
type: townterror                = infinite mana
type: runningman                = villagers can't escape

I don't know if there is more cheats! but i will find out! These cheats works fine
by me the cheats doesn't work if you have not buyed the game! When i buyed the game
i get a cheatbook from xgenstudios it's very handy when you can't go furder in the 
game!! greetings, Cheater.

How to cage those rober feaks:
Submitted by: vinicius

1. Wait for them to through the rope but be a little early.
2. Then click on the cage.
3. Then click close to him. 

Note: You have to be quicker than them.

Keep your villagers:
Submitted by: mysterious

Put two houses right next to each other on the same zoom so there is no gap between
them. Then when the villagers come out, lift them onto the roof so they slide to 
where the two rooves meet, this will stop them from moving as they are grounded their
vertually forever. watchout with parachutemen, if you drop them from too high then 
they willfloatpast this glich.
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