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Pharaoh Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Gamer
Cheat mode:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C during game play, then enter one of the 
following codes to activate the  cheat function.

Code                Effect
Big Dave          - Ptah will destroy some industrial buildings.
Grenow            - Ptah will destroy one of your city's Storage Yards.
Spirit of Typhoon - Seth will strike down the next invaders.
Meow              - Bast will throw a festival for all the gods.
Cat Fight         - Bast will destroy some of your city's best houses.
Sun Disk          - Raises your kingdom rating.
Mesektet          - Something bad concerning Ra.
Life from Death   - All farms on flood plain will harvest double the 
                    expected amount.
Underworld        - All farms on the flood plain will be destroyed by
                    the next flood.
Hippo Stomp       - Sends angry hippos through your city.
Side Show         - Makes Hippo... just try it you'll like it. 
                    (there must be Hippos in city).
Pharaohs Tomb     - Win (Level skip).
Fury of Seth      - Destroy every ship made by shipwright.
Treasure Chest    - 1000 Debens.
Bounty            - The next inundation will be better than expected.
Mummys Curse      - The next inundation will be worse than expected.
Pharaohs Glory    - The city can sell exports for 50% more.
Bird of Prey      - Trade partners will trade less for a year.
Supreme Craftsman - A Storage Yard will be filled with excess capacity of
Noble Djed        - All industries will be fully stocked with raw material.
Typhonian Relief  - Soldiers sent to distant land will be protected.
Seth Strikes      - The city's best company andn their forts will be
Cat Nip           - Houses and Bazzars will be filled with goods and food.
Kitty Litter      - A plague will strike.
mockattack1       - Land attack by enemy army.
mockattack2       - Water attack by enemy army.

Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

The following codes force a god event. The god must be present on the 
map for the cheat to work.

Code:              Effect:
Bounty             Next inundation will be better than expected
Mummys Curse       Decreases next flood

Code:              Effect:
Pharaohs Glory     Exports next year will be raised by 50%
Bird of Prey       Trade partners trade less for a year

Code:              Effect:
Supreme Craftsman  Storage yard with room to spare filled up
Noble Died         Shipwrights, weavers, jewelers are fully staffed

Code:              Effect:
Typhonian Relief   Protects soldiers sent to distant lands
Seth Strikes       Destroys your best company and their fort

Code:              Effect:
Cat Nip            Fills houses and bazaars with food and goods
Kitty Litter       Sends a plague
Living Large       Upgrade All Residences

Good Way to Win a War:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Build a wall around your city and build a Big Pen (Square) with walls 
outside your city. Place the cursor arrow inside the pen and fill the 
pen (Square) with hippos using the code "Hippo Stomp". Then when an army
attacks open up the pen and the hippos will go on a killing rampage. 
WARNING: Dont let any hippos get inside your city as they will kill 
everyone they find.

File Editing Tip 1:
Using Windows Explorer: locate the Pharaoh_Model_Normal.txt file. Right click
on the icon, then choose properties. Uncheck the 'read-only' box, then click 
OK. Now, open the file using Windows notepad, read the instructions and edit
anything you like. Save the file, and be sure to mark it as 'read-only' again
before playingthe game. 

File Editing Tip 2:
If you take and change the "1" to "-100" or "-1000" on the cost to build a 
road. Every time you build a road it will add "100" or "1000" Deneb to your

Angry Gods:
In the game press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+C then type "Fury of Seth" to make
Seth angry where he will destroy all military ships. 

Upgrade Housing:
During Gameplay press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+C then type "Living Large" and
then the homeless people all add to the population. 

* Bigger is not always better! A small, tightly managed community is more
  efficient than a sprawling metropolis. Don't expand too fast, or you'll
  find yourself with too few workers and your city will suffer. 

* Don't forget about the gods. Festivals, temples, and shrines will bring
  you into their favor. If you fail in your duties, their wrath will be 
  quick and severe. 

* Even if your city has limited resources, you can often import cheap raw
  materials and turn them into more expensive products, which you can export
  to other cities for a nice profit. 

Start level with double Debens:
To start a level with twice the amount of Debens, choose a mission and start
it. Then, click "Restart Mission" in the file menu. This only works once per 

Place two Sphinx together:
Place one Sphinx and demolish it. Select to place it again and undo before 
placing it. If done correctly, you will have two Sphinx, buy they will be 
built together as one.

Submitted by: Cole Bryan

Start by building an area of house make them nice place the undesirable buildings 
elswere like military structures and docks etc. And place just one or two houses 
near them for employment.
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