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PGA Tour Golf 486 Cheats

PGA Tour Golf 486

Playing Guide By Martin Keen:
This classic game can be quite a challenge, so if 
you're sick of Tom Kite beating you at the 18th AGAIN 
then you'll need these tips:

General Tips
Firstly, unless you are feeling particually brave it is 
best to play as an ameteur. The lack of distance you can 
get from drives is more than compenstated by the accuracy 
you can obtain.

When it comes to swinging the club, ignore what the manual 
tells you. On the downswing don't try and stop it on the 
grey area, but instead on the line which seperates the grey 
from the orange.

For drives don't bother stopping the backswing, just let 
it go right the way to the top if you want a good few extra 
yards. Although this will cause the swing arch to move a 
little faster, accuracy is not quite as vital. Unless you 
really mess up the downswing it is very likely you will end 
up on the fairway.

Where possible it is best to put a little backspin on all 
shots to the green so as to stop the ball rolling off into 
the rough. Accuracy is vital if you want to leave yourself 
with a decent putt.

For shots with a SW or LW it is best to put full backspin 
on the shot. Power and accuracy and both of equal importance 
here, but with a bit of practice it should be fairly easy to 
regually get the ball close to the hole.

Make sure you turn the grid on, and always listen to the 
commentator when he offers advice about the break of a putt. 
If he says "this putt should be PRETTY straight in" then make 
sure you check on the grid which way the putt will break, 
then aim to the appropriate corner of the hole. Putts that 
are pretty straight in are rarely completely straight in. 
Unfortuantely the commentator has quite a sense of humour
and occasionally likes to lie about the break of a putt - 
particually on vital shots. When this costly joke happens you 
have full permission to turn to your mate (should you be 
playing 2-player) and whinge "but he said it would be straight 
in. Bloody American commentator!".
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