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Panzer Elite Cheats

Panzer Elite

Cheat  Codes:
Go to P.E Directory and open the file "Desert", you should see
the file "Save Games". Open the file with the name of you last 
save game. Use "Wordpad". It's all in clear text. In Africa, 
change the numbers of Tigers to fx. "5", and your will be able
to give your intire squad tigers (if playing german). 

* Stop to fire! Firing while on the move makes you harder to 
  hit, but it makes it almost impossible for your gunner to 
  hit anything. 

* Take special care of your skilled gunners. Give them your best
  loaders and remember which tanks they're in; these are your 
  aces in the hole. 

* Once you've spotted an enemy, move into line formation. If 
  you're American, spread the line to maximum width and approach
  the enemy to try to get in side shots. If you're German, you'll
  probably want to stand off and let the Americans come to you. 

* Don't forget your artillery strikes. Smoke is an invaluable 
  asset that will let you get closer to or flank an enemy. 

* When you're ready to try manual gunnery, a daunting but 
  rewarding task, visit SimHQ's tutorial for help getting 
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