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Pandemonium 2 Cheats

Pandemonium 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:Don Lupton 

Type in the following as passwords:

Code            Description
aciddude        Psychedelic textures.
genetics        Mutant mode.
getacces        Select level.
gonahurl        Rolling camera view.
hormones        Full health.
immortal        1 live.
justkidn        Regenerating monsters.
makmyday        Weapons.
neverdie        God mode.
skatbord        Speed mode.

Level codes 
emiagcai        1: Ice Prison.
omaccbai        2: Zorrscha's Lab.
faiagcbi        3: Hot Pants.
fekagcca        4: Stan's The Man.
lgbfiice        5: Oyster Desoyster.
lmbbiiee        6: Puzzle Wood.
iebbiigf        7: Temple Of Nori.
knbbiiai        8: Egg! Egg!.
lgbjiici        9: Huevos Libertad!.
lobjiiei        10: Pipe Hous.
igbjiigj        11: Hate Tank.
ffcagccc        12: Fantabulous.
fhcagcck        13: Mr. Schneobelen.
fjkegcdc        14: Collide O Scope.
flkegcdk        15: The Zoul Train.
adikbiib        16: Lick The Toad.
admibiid        17: The Bitter End.
maeccbej        18: Rub The Buddha.
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