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Painkiller Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by:Ingemar A
Update by: Arcangelo
Submitted by: HanVirsum
Start game as usual, in game - bring up the console with ~ and 
input the following codes (NOT CaSe SeNsItIvE): 

Result                                  Code
Full ammunition                       = pkammo 
Full ammunition and health            = pkpower 
All weapons                           = pkweapons 
Extra gold                            = pkgold 
Toggle disappearing bodies            = pkkeepbodies 
Toggle disappearing decals            = pkkeepdecals 
Toggle demon morph                    = pkdemon 
Toggle weak enemies                   = pkweakenemies 
Toggle excessive gibs                 = pkalwaysgib 
Toggle God mode                       = pkgod 
Toggle haste                          = pkhaste 
Toggle weapon modifier mode           = pkweaponmodifier 
Toggle weapon specular                = weaponspecular <0 or 1> 
Change crosshair                      = crosshair <1-32> 
Change player name                    = name  
Set field of view (zoom)              = fov <0-255> 
Set HUD size                          = hudsize <0-3> 
Set mouse sensitivity                 = msensitivity <0-200> 
Set multi-player frag limit           = fraglimit  
Set multi-player time limit           = timelimit  
Show position in level                = pos 
Toggle smooth mouse                   = msmooth <0 or 1> 
Toggle weapon rendering               = showweapon <0 or 1> 
Change maximum UDP packet 
size, as multi-player admin           = maxpacketsize <20-1400> 
Change setting for actions 
send per ms, as multi-player admin    = actionsendperiod  
Change team in multi-player mode      = team <1 or 2> 
Changes settings for my player 
synchro, as multi-player admin        = updateparams_myplayer 
Changes settings for physics items 
synchro, as multi-player admin        = updateparams_physicsitems 
Changes settings for player synchro 
as multi-player admin                 = updateparams_players 
Changes settings for projectiles 
synchro, as multi-player admin        = updateparams_projectiles 
Exit game to desktop                  = exit 
Load map in multi-player mode         = map  
Quit game to desktop                  = quit 
Tell everyone that you are not ready 
in multi-player mode                  = notready 
Tell everyone that you want to break 
match in multi-player mode            = break 
Toggle camera interpolation for 
multi-player clients                  = camerainterpolation <0 or 1> 
Toggle player movement prediction     = playerprediction <0 or 1> 
Toggle running speedmeter             = speedmeter <0 or 1> 
Benchmarking test in single player1   = benchmark C5L1 
FPS display in single player1         = showfps <0 or 1> 
Kick and ban player from server, 
as multi-player admin1                = bankick  
Set max number of players on server, 
as multi-player admin1                = maxplayers  
Set max number of spectators on 
server, as multi-player admin1        = maxspectators  
Toggle power-up dropping after map 
change, as multi-player admin1        = powerupdrop <0 or 1> 
Toggle power-ups, as multi-player 
admin1                                = powerups <0 or 1> 
Toggle weapons stay if collected, as 
multi-player admin1                   = weaponsstay <0 or 1> 
Toggle damage to teammates, as 
multiplayer admin1                    = teamdamage <0 or 1> 
Toggle bunny hopping, as multi-player 
admin1                                = allowbunnyhopping <0 or 1> 
Toggle bright player skins, as 
multiplayer admin1                    = allowbrightskins <0 or 1> 
Toggle forward rocket jump, as 
multiplayer admin1                    = allowforwardrj <0 or 1> 
Change game mode on server, as 
multiplayer admin1                    = gamemode  
Reload current map, as multi-player 
admin1                                = reloadmap 
Toggle spectator mode for multiplayer 
clients1                              = spectator <0 or 1> 
Startsvoting for multiplayer 
clients;for example callvote 
maxplayers 21                         = callvote  
Agree or not agree to callvote for 
multi-player clients1                 = vote  
Play indicated movie file for 
multiplayer clients1                  = demoplay  
Record indicated movie file for 
multiplayer clients1                  = demorecord  
Stop playback of current demo for 
multi-player clients1                 = demostop 
Connect to specified server for 
multiplayer clients1                  = connect  
disables/enables client prediction 
in multi-player mode1                 = prediction <0 or 1> 
Latency in miliseconds, can be 
negative, in multi-player mode1       = pushlatency  
Set number of milliseconds to pass 
between sending your action packets 
to server in multi-player mode1       = actionsendperiod  
Show network info from the start of 
the connection in multi-player mode1  = netstats overall 
Show help for the command in 
multiplayer mode1                     = netstats help 

Map names:
Use one of the following entries with the map code.

DM_Cursed (requires v1.15 patch) 

Submitted by: conner54

Here is a list of console commands compiled from the results. 
Some of these commands are flags, as in they must be followed with a 0 or 1.


I found a couple "if debug then" statements so I'm guessing most of them 
will not work unless you start the game in a "debug" mode. At least this 
is the case with "GOD" and "GIVEALL".

Entering debug mode is most likely accomplished by passing a command-line 
parameter to the game or adding/editing values in a configuration file.

tip to defeat bosses in painkiller:
Submitted by :ashwini sharma

just a straight out shooting. also keep a tab on other demons who rush to 
you when u fight the giant in the level "ENCLAVE". when the health of 
necrogiant becomes very low then he will use the twister attack. so lookout 
for that and avoid getting into the twister. keep on shooting him.

swamp monster:
you will find that he is not affected by just normal shooting.u r on a small 
island like place amidst a gurgling and bubbling swamp.the "swamp monster" 
will go around the island.there will be bubbles emerging as he moves through 
the swamp.try shooting the bubbles when he nears them only otherwise bursting 
of bubbles will have no effect on him. after some time he will not attack you 
as he will then go for extinguishing the fires that take place when u shoot 
the bubbles. there will also be bubbles floating in air. shoot them just as 
they are on him. his vestige will change ands it would appear as if he is 
covered with the swamp dirt.then go on shooting like hell and he will take 
damage with normal will last for sometime only. then he will 
regain his normal vestige and then our shooting will become useless.try 
again shooting a floating bubble and repeat until u r finished with him.

in the beginning he will not take damage from normal shooting. but his 
hammer will. so concentrate on his hammer. shoot endlessly at the hammer.
the hammer will be destroyed after sometime.then take on the guardian

shoot him endlessly.that's the mantra here. he will strike down on floors 
and make u fall down. 
when he is at the lowest floor he will gain his health from the white 
statues after he is down.
so shoot the statues when he is in the process of regaining his health and 
destroy them.the statutes won't get damaged otherwise.

i spent around three hours on this boss. i could never guess how to defeat 
him until he threw his sword on me and i clicked the sword unknowingly. and 
lo behold, it ricocheted,went back and killed lucyfer instead. he fell down 
like a melting butter. so kill monsters (around 66) to morph into demon; 
then u will meet lucyfer. among his various attacks he will once throw his 
sword at on the sword it will go back and kill him.that's the end.

the end was very disappointing as u realise that it was a game played to 
dethrone lucyfer by alastor and u were just a "pawn" in the hands of alastor.
he will leave u to the mercy of his innumerable monsters at the end.

Activating cheat mode in higher difficulty setting:
Cheat codes are normally only available in games under the insomnia or daydream 
difficulty setting. Use the following trick to use them under the nightmare or 
trauma difficulty setting. First, enable the desired codes in a game under the 
insomnia or daydream difficulty setting. Then, load a game in the menu that was
played under a higher difficulty setting. The codes will remain active. 

Extra money:
Equip the Painkiller, then hit an enemy with its second attack. Then, quickly do 
it three or four times while he is in the air; the enemy should not fall on ground.
You will then see something like a jewel pop out. Collect it and it will add about 
30 to your money. Note: You cannot use the extra amount to get a Black Tarrot Card
in Chapter 1.

God Mode in Nightmare and Trauma Modes:
To get god mode into the tougher modes, where cheats are not supposed to be 
activated, start a game on Insomnia or Daydream difficulty and enter "pkgod" to 
activate god mode. Then, in the menu, load any game you wish, and god mode will 
stay on. Also note that this will continue through levels, and will only need to 
be reactivated again when you quit the came and return. Note: This cheat works 
up to v1.2; it has not been tested with higher versions.

Extra Gold Pieces:
To make enemies drop a gold piece (bigger than those found by destroying things) 
you'll need to use the secondary fire (throwing out the spinning claw) of the 
Keep using it on a dead enemy's body, throwing them up in the air usually about 
5 times, and the body will drop a gold piece!

Getting More Gems:
This is an very easy way to gain even more gems from monsters. You need the stakes
gun (the one that shoot wooden pike) and the painkiller. Kill an enemy with the 
stakes and make sure that he is near a wall or anything that will make him go fly
and "plug" itself to it (wall, floor, pillar ect). Then equip the painkiller, and 
use the secondary fire as FAST as you can on the body: The body will NOT fly away 
in the air, since its locked to the wall by the pike and you will be able to get 
up to 4 or 5 gems (each is worth 15$) for each monster.
It work better if you shoot in the torso of the monster, the arms or legs wont 
work as good because the cadaver will still react to the painkiller (moving very 
fast in unusual ways), making it a little harder to hit him.
If you use the cheat that prevent the bodies from disappearing, its even easier.
I also noticed (in the second demo) that the big skeletons guys with shotguns can
give me "gems" in the form of rings that are worth only 10$, they give you that 
when you damage them to a critical point, and then you blow them out to bits 
with a rocket.

Game Crashing on load:
If you find that the game is crashing when loading levels, check your system clock
and make sure the time and date are accurate. Each game save is stamped with a time
and date. Evidently, it tracks progress through the game by the time/date stamp. Any
game save that has an older date then the previous game save causes it to shut down.
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