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Pacland Cheats


Unlimited lives:
Type "avalon" at the title screen. The screen will flash
to confirm correct code entry. 

-=Level 1=-
Run to the third fire hydrant, and when you get there, jump
over it and push it to the left. This will give you a blue 
hat that will make you invulnerable to the little ghosts that
fall from planes.

-=Level 2=-
Run to the third cactus, and push it to the left. You will now
be invulnerable for the entire level!

-=Level 3=-
After getting your magic boots, push the third cactus on the 
way back for a free life.
- Jump on the roof of ghost's car to escape
- Only use powerpills when ghosts are in range, or else it is
- When you reach the breaktime sign, jump when you are about 1
  inch away for a bonus (depending how high you are when the 
  level ends).
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