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Oval Office Cheats

Oval Office

Submitted by: RM

Do you have what it takes to run a country? Sometimes it's not about
making the 'right' decisions, but instead making the decisions that 
will make the most people happy. Do your best to balance these ideals
and chances are, you won't get assassinated.

Understanding the Basics:
In this game, there are three items the player should pay special 
attention to, in order to win an election (by order of importance): 

* Influences that effects everyone; 
* The number of a particular voter group, and; 
vThe strength of an influence.

What the player doesn't really need to pay special attention to in order
to win the election (unless something bad happens due certain policy 

* Happy voters (be careful not to upset them too much).
* Cabinet Ministers.
* Election promises.
* Influences that has little effect towards voters.
* Minority voter groups (e.g. drinkers, smokers, etc.).
* Taxes.
* Law and Order policies.
* Extremist groups.
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