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Outwars Cheats


Level Select
While playing a game, type "jump[level name]", using "oasis",
"anubis", "ragnarok", "juggernaut", and "dead" as level names.

Cheat Codes:
During Game type these cheats:

Code             Effect 
MACLEOD        - god mode
DIRTYHARRY     - unlimited ammo
BUZZ           - glider wings
FRAMERATE      - frame rate
PHANTOM        - spy on creatures using the F11 and F12 keys
GOHOME         - resets to start position
THRASHER       - show enemy on radar
TIMEWARP       - remove mission timer
WEAPONCAM      - follows your fired weapons
SINGLETRAC     - shows a message:"Singletrac Rules!"
KEYMASTER      - gives you armor,health and ammo
JUMPOASIS      - jump to oasis level
JUMPANUBIS     - jump to anubis level
JUMPRAGNAROK   - jump to ragnarok level
JUMPJUGGERNAUT - jump to juggernaut level
JUMPDEAD       - jump to last level
SHOWALL        - shows the entire map
SNIPSNIP       - change gender of fighter
BAUMER         - More Weapons
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