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Outforce Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the game directory. This 
is an extremely large file. Find text string "Centaur" towards the bottom of
the file. Definitions for the ship's weapons, damage, reload, and cannon 
rotation speed can be changed.

Submitted by: bizzybody

Lasers can fire through anything on the map. Use this to your advantage by 
building them just inside barriers around your base. They'll only be vulnerable
to enemy Phaser ships, which are low armored, and the slow and slow firing ships
which are the only ship with a longer range than a Turbine Laser. Use your Phaser
fighters to patrol or guard your lasers and they'll automatically defend them. 
Plug any holes around your base with the metal fence, hedge or barrier and put 
Turbine Lasers behind to keep the enemy out until you're built up enough to 
survive. This will work against the AI but a crafty human opponent will require
a defense throughout your base.

Thw Towship, Puller or Dragster can be a valuable tactical asset. Use them 
to sling laser and missile turrets at the enemy. Do the same with the warp 
bombs when you can't warp them in due to warp jamming. The enemy defences 
will blow up the bomb and themselves. Another tactic is a "suicide charge" 
where you town in a bunch of laser and missile turrets then follow with some 
towed warp bombs and back it up with your huge invasion fleet of large ships. 
When playing the campaign you can tow around a clump of turbine lasers to use 
for protection for a group of other ships. Swoop in on an enemy turret with a 
small group then back behind the towed lasers where you have some MCU's for 
repairs. I completed about half the campaign the first time I played using a 
group of 100 or so Predators, some towed turbine lasers, a couple of MCUs and 
a few of the small fighters as my roving battle force to clean out the computer's 
forces. I didn't need to put the Minotaurs, Centuars and Raptors "in the field" 
until later missions.

Everything on the maps can be blown up if you use enough firepower long enough. 
This includes the planets. Beware that some objects explode quite powerfully when 
destroyed. Blowing up a planet will take several hours of real time and when it 
goes it'll wipe out everything on the map on smaller ones. To experience blowing 
up a planet, use an 8 player map with a planet, turn Allied Victory On and set 
difficulty to Hard. Set yourself and 6 other players to the same team then kick 
the lone AI's ass. ;) Now you can use the SELECTGROUP 0 cheat to grab all the AI 
team's units and use the forced attack on the planet. Splash damage will keep 
killing units, so lasso up more periodically and make them attack the planet. 
Make some Assault Modules or Flashbats or Obelisks and tow them into attack range 
of the planet for added BLAM. Wait...a...long...time...for...the...KABOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!

After you've finished the campaign, wait through the entire closing credits. 
It asks if you've found the other secret mission yet, then goes right into a 
new mission without any breifing. I don't know if I've found another secret 
mission other than this one, which I've never figured out how to beat. I always 
end up with everything on the entire map destroyed.

Hit F2 to open the console, then type SELECTGROUP 0 and hit Enter. This selects 
ALL units not in groups 1 through 9, even if they're the computer's or other human 
players' ungrouped units. The computer never groups its units, they're always all 
in group 0. Hit F2 to go back to the game. You can do massive cheating by clicking 
Module on/off. Build up or rebuild your base or just go wild blowing up the enemy. 
Of course a human opponent can select and turn back on his units. There are a large 
number of console commands, including activating the map editor, but they were only 
ever posted on the first The Outforce board, which is long gone.
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