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Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis Cheats

Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis

Cheat Codes:
Hold [Left Shift] and press [Keypad Minus] at the indicated screen.
Release the keys, then type one of the following codes to activate 
the cheat function. 

Result                    Screen      Code 	
God mode                - Any       - iwillbetheone
Saves game              - Game play - savegame
End current mission     - Game play - endmission
All missions unlocked   - Main menu - campaign
Show elevations on map  - Main menu - topography

After Montignac:
When you start from the forest and all of your team are killed, grab
the LAW launcher from the dead soldier. Then, go back to the forest
and run to the hills, trying to survive the Russian attacks. Destroy
the Russian tanks with your LAW launcher and kill the soldiers with 
your M16. You can get more ammo from dead Russian soldiers; grab the 
AK74 and magazines. Find the road and the car near the pines and dead 
civilian. Go to the new evac point in the rear of the forest. All in 
the evac point are killed by a Russian assault, however the resistance 
will attack soon and you will have to fight with them a short time.

Evac level:
Use the following tactic in the Evac level where you have to drive a 
truck. Go to this grid code to join the Guerillas Fia EA64. On the map
there will be a code 113. Drive your truck there. An intermission 
sequence will appear, then the level will end. You will be a hostage
for the Soviets. Stay in the tent on the next level until the Russian
that is guarding you dies. Then, go outside and one of the guerrillas
will talk to you. 

Bonus level:
Successfully complete the game with the best ending. Allow the credits
to complete and an intermission sequence will begin. 

Christmas trees:
Set the system date to December 25 and start the game. All of the pine
trees will be covered with decorations and have presents under them.

Invincibility (demo version):
Before the end of the level, just when the helicopter picks you up, 
wait about five seconds. Then, go to your action menu by pressing ] 
or [ and select "Eject". Press [Enter] and your character will 
parachute out of the helicopter. When he lands, you can continue the
game and not get killed.

How to walk up hills:
When a hill is too steep to climb directly, your character falls into a
crouch and proceeds with distressing slothfulness. You can counteract 
this, however, by approaching steep hills whilst running sideways - your
character doesn't slow down, provided that you don't turn to face directly
up or down the hill.

Saving multiple times:
Operation Flashpoint is fun - until you die seconds before ending the 
mission successfully. Suddenly you have to do it all again - the game 
only allows one savegame per mission.
Unless you know what to do. Press ESC in the game to get to the "Pause 
Screen". Now Press ALT+TAB to change applications. Go to the directory 
OperationFlashpoint\Users\PLAYERNAME\Saved\campaigns\1985 and move (or 
delete) the file "save.fps". Now press ALT+TAB again to go back to the 
game. Press continue, then again ESC and suddenly you can save again. 
This works as often as you want it to.
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