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Odyssey The Search for Ulysses Cheats

Odyssey - The Search for Ulysses

Troy - The Camp 

Your adventure begins as Heriseus steps onto the dock. 

Walk forward along the dock and onto the shore. Take a few 
steps further, turn right, and continue walking forward 
towards the camera until you reach the two men guarding the
entrance to the encampment. If you speak to the guards at 
this point, you will learn that you require a pass to get 
by them. Turn towards the mound of goods lying beside the 
shore. Watch as the merchant picks up a rug and goes into 
the encampment unhindered. 

Pick up a rug and follow him up the stairs through the gates.
Keep walking forward until Heriseus moves over to the left 
and places the rug on the ground. 

Walk towards the thatched roof building, further along the
pathway on Heriseus' right. 

Stand in front of the doorway and press the action key to 
open the door. Go inside. Heriseus speaks to the man inside
the door and asks to see Nathos. The guard leads Heriseus 
to an adjoining room. 

Speak to the man in a blue tunic. He is Merops, newly arrived
from Ithaca. Merops tells Heriseus that he is certain Ulysses
is dead. He also suggests that Heriseus leave so he can finish
his business with Nathos. Speak to Nathos (the man dressed in 
an iron green-colored tunic). He tells you to come back later. 

Leave the house and circle the building. You must give Merops
time to leave. Go back inside. Nathos apologizes for his 
earlier behavior. Speak to him on all subjects. Nathos is 
concerned that Heriseus is the only one that believes Ulysses 
is still alive. Nathos gives Heriseus a pass so that he may 
move freely around the camp. Speak to him on all topics. 
Nathos warns Heriseus about the dangerous Trojan rebel bands 
that are still active, ten years later. As you leave the room, 
Nathos offers that a man named Mikis may be able to help. 

Darkness has fallen outside. Move forward towards the camera 
until Heriseus encounters a stone wall. Turn to Heriseus' 
right and walk forward. Begin by hugging the wall, and then 
continue straight ahead until a guard shouts, "Halt! No one 
enters without a pass!" (Depending on the angle you take, 
the guard will either be to your right or left.) Speak to the 
guard. If you get too close to the guard without identifying 
yourself, you will be killed! Heriseus will automatically 
show him the pass. Go through the gate to enter the ruins of 
the City of Troy.
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