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Obscure The Aftermath Cheats

Obscure - The Aftermath

Delta Beta frat house code:
The code to unlock the door at the top of the stairs in the Delta 
Beta frat house is "Picasso".

Creatures Hints:
Slogs: Hate them, and so do you! To kill them, use the code 1817 to 
get their weakness, a gun 

Guinea pigs from heck: Fast, not so fluffy, and dangerous. 
Kill 'em any way you like! 

Tentacle-faces: You only face them once, and you don't end up living. 
It is fun to see one of them decapitate. 

Sirens: You can tell these because of their distinct voices. 
Kill them anyway you like. 

Kenny!: OMG you killed Kenny, or at least you will when you get exploding 
arrows and a crossbow. 

Crawlers: Smash them! It's like playing Whack-A-Mole. 

Crawler Hive: Kill him any way you like, but make it snappy.

Dorm code:
The code used in the dorm is "Freud". 

Mei's code to enter the party:
The code is "Mozart". To find it, have Mei search with the decryption 

Safe code:
The code to the safe is "1873". You can find it on the desk in the 
room you enter from the window. Examine it closely with the woman.
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