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Ninjaman Cheats


Submitted by: David K

Tap Space to jump, then when you are in the air tap Space again to double-jump.
This will get you into those hard-to-reach places.

Wall Climbing:
Use the up or down arrows to climb when near a climbable object (wall).

Double-tap the left or right arrow key to perform a Ninja roll to get out of danger

Submitted by: dimitar

Now to begin.I`ve played ninjaman for more than a year and I figured how it should 
be played.I dreamed of passing the 2 levels without a scratch on me and that gave me 
the knowledge to actually do it!Now to begin with the tips.

1. On the first level there are yellow/orange spikes/thorns.Use them when the ninja 
does its speed attack.Just go to the other side and wait him to go to you or just be
close to the thorn and when he does his speed attack just jump aside and attack really
fast, as soon as he gets hurt from the thorn.The second thing to do is wait him at the
other side and when he jumps/comes to you jump once over the thorn and the ninja will 
do it too,to catch you but you have a double jump(press again spacebar)and get aside 
from the thorn.

2. A super powerful manuver is the back circulate jump.It not only dodjes the attack 
but backfires really quick.Here`s how to do it:

 I.  Start moving left/right then press spacebar and the left/right arrow (depending 
 where you want to dodge,if it`s left dodge left...)
 II. the jump shouldn`t be far from the ninja,as close as you can but not too close or
 he might hit you.
 III. When you do the move you actually jump trough the air in a circle and that is your
 crucial moment.As soon as you reach the ground or in air if you have achieved this air
 strike you must hit him as fast as you can with the double blade (press the down and 
 left arrow together and the attack button) This is my coolest move but don`t do it if
 you don`t have enough space or you`ll just fall down and the ninja will hit you.

3. If you don`t have enough space and the ninja is attacking only do the spinning blade
(press the down button and the attack button together).This move counters any attack 
along with the speed attack.When you do it and finish back a little from the ninja as
he might hit you till the cooldown and do it again as much as you kill him.

4. Another powerful manuver,probably the safest(don`t do in little space) is the star 
blade (press spacebar and then really fast press the down button and the attack button).
This move is one of my favourite.You jump and strike from above :)

5. Avoid using the wind slash manuver(press the up and right arrow together and really 
fast press the attack button) because it takes alot time to do it and you have to be 
very close to the ninja and he`ll hit you.Only use it when between you and him stands
a thorn. The ninja will jump to you and while he`s in the air he can`t hit you so do it
really quickly, before he gets down.

6. And my last tip: Don`t hurry attacking.Wait for the ninja to come to you and perform 
the number 2 tip attack-the back circulate jump(don`t do if there isn`t enough space like 
the 2-nd level.

If you do everything correct (you may not understand some things I said but with training 
you`ll find what I ment) you`ll beat the 2 levels without a scratch o n you,just like me.
If you have more questions just ask them on my Have fun:)
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