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NFL Blitz 2000 Cheats

NFL Blitz 2000

At the versus screen, press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons
below the helmets. The numbers in the following list indicate the 
number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been 
changed, press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code.
If you entered the code correctly, you will see the name of the code 
and hear a sound. For example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, 
Jump(2), Pass(3), Left. 
Note: More then one code may be activated per game. 

Result                        Code 
Show field goal %             0-0-1 Down  
Show punt hang meter          0-0-1 Right  
Late hits                     0-1-0 Up  
No CPU assistance1            0-1-2 Down  
Show more field1              0-2-1 Right  
Night game                    0-2-2 Right  
Fog on                        0-3-0 Down 
Fast turbo running            0-3-2 Left  
Huge head                     0-4-0 Up  
Thick fog on                  0-4-1 Down  
Super blitzing                0-4-5 Up  
Big football                  0-5-0 Right  
Use team plays                1-0-0 Up  
Arizona Cardinals' playbook   1-0-1 Left  
POV uniform                   1-1-1 Right  
Hide receiver name            1-0-2 Right  
Chicago Bears' playbook.      1-1-0 Left  
Tournament mode2              1-1-1 Down  
No play selection1            1-1-5 Left  
Green Bay Packers playbook    1-2-2 Left  
Super field goals             1-2-3 Left  
Headless team                 1-2-3 Right  
Team big players              1-4-1 Right  
No punting                    1-5-1 Up  
Big head                      2-0-0 Right  
Team big heads                2-0-3 Right  
No first downs                2-1-0 Up  
Allow stepping out of bounds  2-1-1 Left  
Weather: clear                2-1-2 Left  
Always QB on multi-player     2-2-2 Left  
Always receiver               2-2-2 Right  
Power-up teammates            2-3-3 Up  
Fast passes                   2-5-0 Left  
Play on grass field           3-0-0 Up  
Grass field                   3-0-0 Up  
Asphalt field                 3-0-1 Up  
Dirt field                    3-0-2 Up  
Astroturf field               3-0-3 Up  
Snow field                    3-0-4 Up  
Team tiny players             3-1-0 Right  
Power-up blockers             3-1-2 Left  
Power-up offense              3-1-2 Up  
Smart CPU opponent3           3-1-4 Down  
Target receiver no hits       3-2-1 Down  
No head                       3-2-1 Left  
Invisible receiver highlight  3-3-3 Left  
Cancel always QB or receiver  3-3-3 Up  
Invisible quarterback         3-4-2 Left  
No interceptions              3-4-4 Up  
Power-up speed1               4-0-4 Left  
Power-up defense              4-2-1 Up  
No random fumbles             4-2-3 Down  
Super passing1                4-2-3 Right  
Invisible                     4-3-3 Up  
Turn off stadium              5-0-0 Left  
Day stadium                   5-0-1 Down  
City stadium                  5-0-1 Left  
Old day stadium               5-0-1 Up  
Night stadium                 5-0-2 Down  
Old night stadium             5-0-2 Up  
Snow stadium                  5-0-3 Down  
Roman stadium                 5-0-3 Left  
Old snow stadium              5-0-3 Up  
Infinite turbo                5-1-4 Up  
Weather: snow                 5-2-5 Down  
Weather: rain                 5-5-5 Right  
Hyper blitz1                  5-5-5 Up  

1. Two player agreement required.
2. Only in two-player game.
3. Only in one-player game. 

Hidden players:
Select the "Enter Name For Record Keeping" option and enter 
one of the following player names and PIN numbers. 

Name   PIN   Player  
ALEC   1197  
ALIEN  1111  
AOB    1111  
AUBREY 7777   
AZPOD  4777  
BETH   7761  
BILLZ  0526  
BOXER  2111   
BRAIN  1111  Brain 
BRIAN  2221  
BRIAN  0818  
CALEB  0996  
CARLTN 1111  Headless player 
CURTIS 1111   
DANIEL 0604  Dan Thompson 
DAVID  3333  
DBN    6969  
DINO   1111  
ED     3246  
EDDIE  3333  
FORDEN 1111  Dan Forden 
FRANZ  1010  
GATSON 1111   
GENE   0310  
GENTIL 1111  Jim Gentile 
GRINCH 0222   
GRINCH 2220   
GUIDO  2222  
GUIDO  6765  
GUMBY  8698  
JAPPLE 6660  Jeff Johnson 
JASON  3141  Jason Skiles 
JEFF   1111  
JENIFR 3333  Jennifer Hedrick 
JIMK   5651  
JOHN   5158  
JOSH   4288  
JOVE   6644  
LEX    7777  
LT     7777  
LUIS   3333  Luis Mangubat 
MARKA  1112  
MIKE   3333  Mike Lynch 
MITCH  4393  
MONTY  1836  
MOOSE  1111  
MXV    1014  
NATHAN 0515   
NICO   4440  
PAULA  0425  
PAULO  0517  
PIRATE 1111   
PUNKB  2112  
PUNKR  1221  
RAIDEN 3691  Raiden 
RALPH  1111  
RANDU  6666  
ROG    8148  
ROOT   6000  John Root 
RYAN   1029  
SAD    1111  
SAL    0201  Sal Divita 
SHINOK 8337  Demon Shinok 
SHRUNK 6666   
SHUN   0530  
SKULL  1111  Skull 
SMILE  1111  
THUG   1111  
TODD   1122  
TREX   1111  
TURMEL 0322  Mark Turmell 
VAN    1234  
WHODAT 1844   
ZZ     1221  

* Take the time to master laterals on offense; flea flickers look
  cool and often can fool computer-controlled defenses. 
* Use stiff-arm moves on kick returns to break through the initial
  crush of defenders and pick up a few extra yards. 
* Take the time to draw up your own plays on offense and defense 
  in order to surprise human opponents when it's crunch time.

Hide Cursor While Making Plays:
When you're on the play selection screen, you can hide the cursor so 
others can't see the play you choose. To do this, highlight the upper-
left play (where the cursor is before you move it), then move Up on 
the joystick twice to hide the cursor.
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