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Necrodome Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Press [T] before all codes for the text box. A message will 
confirm correct code entry.

Code                  Effect
excalibur           - all weapons
smallrocks          - full ammo
verysmallrocks      - neverending ammo
shrubbery           - all gear (health kits, napalm, etc.)
swallow             - full tank of gas
unladenswallow      - bottomless tank of gas
rabbit              - shields recharged
igotbetter          - Health Recharged
knight              - Invincible
coconuts            - Linear Movement (Weird!)
grail               - gives you the arena flag
camelot             - conquers arena
gimmesomesugarbaby  - all weapons and gear
alreadygotone       - all arenas become available
antioch             - kills all opponents
runaway             - Fire all weapons
version             - Display version number
debug               - View debug data.
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