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NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Cheats

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

High speed pit road:
Use a text editor to edit the appropriate tracks file in the "tracks" folder 
in the game directory. Locate the "Race Control" heading, then find the 
"speed_limit_MPH =" line. Change its value to the speed that you want to 
legally go down pit road. Note: If you set the limit above 70, the spotter
will still only say 70 as you approach pit road. 
Ignore this and go as fast as you set it to.

Driving views:
Use the following trick to drive in the views from the replay, such as TV1 
or TV2 while racing. Immediately when you get to the screen where you can 
select what session you want to do, go to the replay screen in the top 
corner and select the camera view you want to drive in. Then, go down and
click on the arrow the restarts practice. Hit the key that you have selected
to be your gas, and click on the drive, but in the corner as fast as possible.
Repeat this procedure as many times as needed until it works. When it works, 
your car might not be able to move. If this happens, get out of the car, 
go to the session screen, and click "Drive" again.

Ai car crashes:
Submitted by: michael7475

Open C/papyrus/nascar racing 2003 season/track/a track/track.ini
Then change the ai pacing, bunching and drafting distance to 0.1
Make the ai panic decel to whatever you want bigger better
Then change the pace speed limit to 100 mph
when in single race make full pace lap
when start the ai car will very close
When its green flag the ai car will crash badly
(sorry if there is a somethings not same i just have the demo)

Faster top speeds at Super Speedways:
Use a text editor to edit the appropriate .INI track configuration file (for
example, Daytona) in the "tracks" folder in the game directory. From the very
first heading, which is [track], change the values for chassis type, track 
asphalt, and track concrete grip settings to your own custom values. To further
enhance the effect of this cheat, go to the track ai heading and change the 
(simulation) AI drag and arcade AI drag modifiers to your own custom settings.
Once finished, load the game, start a single race into your modified track 
and enjoy overtaking and maybe wrecking that huge bunch of bricks on wheels.
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