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Microsoft Access 2000 Cheats

Microsoft Access 2000

Cheat Codes:
From: Gareth Pullen 

Magic Eight Ball in Access '97 and Access 2000:
Create a new database, or open an existing database. Create a new macro 
that contains no commands. Save the macro with filename Magic Eight Ball. 
Close the macro. Drag the new macro to the toolbar to create an icon 
that resembles a "Magic Eight Ball" toy. Click on the icon to get a 
response similar to the real toy. 

Hidden Flight Sim Game: 
Busy office types need a little relief? Check out this hidden 
game inside Excel!

1. Open up a new document. 
2. Press F5. 
3. Type in x97:L97 in the reference box and press enter. 
4. Press tab. 
5. Hold down ctrl+shift. 
6. While holding these two buttons click on the chart wizard 
   button on the icon bar (the button looks like a bar graph).
7. This should take you into a flight sim sort of thing.
8. While in the sim, press the left mouse button to go 
   forward, the right mouse button to go forward, drag 
   left or right to turn, and drag up or down to raise of 
   lower altitude.

Run Word and type BLUE (Caps important) then select it. 
Go to the format bar at the top and then down to font. 
Make the style Bold and the colour blue press O.K then 
go to the scroll down menu 'Help' then 'About Microsoft 
word' then click on the top of the letter W in the top 
left corner. And if done correctly a Pinball game should 

Controls: Z - left Flipper
          M - Right Flipper
It must be done as soon as you run Word or it won't work.
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