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Monster Mash Cheats

Monster Mash

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

Build Guns and Lightning Towers along roadside, and basic towers 
around, making a circle leaving the centre for a energy tower. Make 
such arrangements in EVERY turning of the road to win.
Having one high level tower is usually better than several lower 
level ones.
To kill powerful bosses later in game, Guns and Lightning Towers no 
longer work. What you need is massing high level (4 or 5) basic 
towers around an energy tower (> level 2). And to further increase 
your chances, use Power Ups such as rapid fire, power fire and slow 
monsters as a combination.

I found I can build up my "power up's" by playing the game until the 
boss round.Then I click on restart level and all the "power up's" I 
collected are there.After a few rounds I have built it up to 9 for 
each power up.

You can create SUPER towers by surrounding towers with energy towers. 
A fully upgraded tower surrounded by energy towers is an amazing thing 
to behold. Basic towers are best for killing the bosses. Forget trying t
o use the lighting and guns towers for the bosses, because they just 
don't do the job.
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