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Independence Wars Cheats

Independence Wars

Cheat Codes:
To enter cheat mode, type DARKGOAT while in the Player History
screen. Type the following codes while still in the Player 
History screen: 

Code         Result 
LEFT-SHIFT-  BACKSPACE add selected mission to player history 
LEFT-SHIFT-= toggle outcome of selected mission 
LEFT-SHIFT-0 [Note: That's a zero.] all missions become accessible 
Type these codes during the game:  
LEFT-SHIFT-8 jump to target vicinity 
LEFT-SHIFT-9 match target's velocity 
LEFT-SHIFT-0 [Note: That's a zero.] explode targeted ship 
LEFT-SHIFT-I invincibility 
LEFT-SHIFT-W instant mission win 
LEFT-SHIFT-P send a PCX image file (screen shot) to 
             PSG\RESOURCE\ART\SCREENS directory 
LEFT-SHIFT-M send a continuous stream of PCXs to Directory 
LEFT-SHIFT-G View all reachable destinations as waypoints  
LEFT-SHIFT-J Jump to current Lagrange point destination  

Enter the following keys while depressing the LEFT-SHIFT key: 

K - Dock with ANY vessel
0 - Destroy targeted ship
S - Force next mission event
; - Freeze target
I - Invunerability
J - Jump to lagrange point
8 - Jump to target
9 - Match target's velocity
A - Superspeed
BACKSPACE - View previous movie
W - Win the mission

Repairing damage:
When your ship is heavily damaged, press [Left Shoft] + O to enter the 
options menu. While the enemy ships are paused, your repair teams will 
still be working.
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