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Incognitus 2 Asleep in the Deep Cheats

Incognitus 2 - Asleep in the Deep

-From the first view, click down into the cabinet and collect the tension 
 bar from the back of the cabinet
-Then click the base of the cabinet to lift up a secret compartment and 
 collect an electric bill from inside
-Return to the room and then click the cabinet drawer to open it again collect 
 a coat hanger
-Return to the room and then click on the calendar and take a note of the date 
 thatís circled
-Examine the electricity bill and make a note of the meter reading for that 
 particular date Ė 36295
-Click to the right hand side of the cabinet to find a tube stuck in the floor.
 Looking in the top of the tube will reveal a tin whistle which you should 
-Return to the room and move to the right. Collect the hamster wheel from the 
 cage on the box
-Look behind the left hand side of the box to reveal a spanner that you will 
 need later
-Move right again and click down on the floor on the panel thatís located 
 underneath the electricity meter. Use the spanner to remove the four nuts
-With the nuts removed, slide the cover out of the way and turn the bottom 
 switch to the off position. Leave the top switch where it is. Return to the 
 room and youíll see that the electricity has stopped sparking from the broken 
-Move right again and with the pliers highlighted in your inventory, click the 
 tin whistle to turn it into a pipe. After doing this highlight the pliers again 
 in your inventory and then click on the coat hanger twice to make a lock pick
-Click down on the floor to the compartment showing the pipes and then use the 
 pipe in your inventory to plug the gap in the pipe
-Return to the room and place the hamster wheel in the hole on the pipe connector 
 near to the floor
-Move right twice and take a note of the noughts and crosses score marked on the 
 wall. You will see that the Oís are worth 2 turns and the Xís worth 1 turn. So 
 by adding up the columns you get the number of turns you need to apply to the 
 pipe taps. Ė 224323
-Examine the porthole on the wall and remove one of the bolts which is actually 
 a magnet in disguise
-Collect the ID Card from the light on the wall
-Move left twice and zoom in on the pipe taps. Click the taps to turn them the 
 number of times from the solution to the tic-tac-toe score
-Return to the room and click the hamster wheel to turn it. The standing pipe 
 should now fill with water and enable you to collect the box from the top of 
 the pipe. Read the message inside which gives you a clue and a formula
-Return to the room and move left again
-Place the ID Card into the slot just under the meter and then zoom in on the 
 meter itself
-Use the magnet to move the dials around to the reading you got from the electricity 
 bill. When youíve got the correct answer a little green light will show on the meter
-Whilst youíre zoomed in on the meter take a note of the formula thatís written there.
 It should match the one you saw in the box from the water pipe
-Return to the room and click the grey panel thatís down on the floor near to the 
 panel you removed the nuts from. It should open and reveal a key
-Move left and pull the coat hook second from the right. This will turn the lights 
 off and reveal an upside down John Travolta image on the wall! Take a note where 
 John is pointing
-Turn the lights back on (using the coat hook again) and click on the skirting board 
 when John was pointing. This should open another secret compartment to reveal another
-Return to the room and move left. Zoom in on the locked box on top of the cabinet. 
 Using the formula from the box and the electricity meter you should be able to make 
 the combination of 3365
-Enter the combination into the box and then, whilst holding the lock-pick, click the 
 bottom right hand corner just where the edging of the box meets the main part of the 
 box. Another secret compartment should pop out revealing another key. This area is 
 quite tricky to spot but it is there. Whatever you do, donít return to the room until 
 you have the key or else you will need to enter the combination again
-When you have the key move left twice and click the rope of the hammock to pull up 
 the blinds
-Click the box on the floor twice to place it in front of the window
-Place the three keys in the top left and right and bottom left locks. Only one key 
 will fit each lock so you will need to work out which is which
-Click the bottom right hand lock to show a zoomed up image of it. Highlight the pliers 
 again in your inventory and then click on the coat hanger twice to make a lock pick
-Use the lock pick to lift up the four prongs in the magnified image of the lock. When 
 all four are in the air, use the tension bar on the circular image on the lock to keep
 them in place. Again this is very tricky and requires some speed. I was initially 
 trying this on a laptop with a finger pad but had to resort to a traditional mouse 
 to get the necessary speed. You will also note that some of the prongs drop back down 
 quicker than others, the trick is to do them in the correct order, which is (if the 
 prongs are numbers 1-4 from left to right) 4, 2, 3, 1.
-Finally click the window to move it out of the way and click it again to escape
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