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Ice Cream Craze Cheats

Ice Cream Craze

Level Examples:
Submitted by: David K.

These are just some examples of certain levels, what type of customers will be
coming in and the best way to handle them. I gave the level numbers to give you
a specific example, however these will not be the only instances in which these 
will occur. I tried to pick levels with a variety of customers and circumstances.

DAY 11:
You will get the young boy and the robot, the robot is very impatient take care of
him as soon as you see him. The boy can wait longer since he is a lot more patient.

DAY 12:
Buy the ice cream samples before the levels starts if you can afford it.You will
need it to keep the clowns happy, they will be asking for ice cream in between 2
brownies. Drink as much coffee as possible, and place pieces that are in your way
on the plates. 

DAY 17:
Serve the prom kids first since they don't like to wait. 

DAY 20:
There are a lot of clowns coming in that want triple scoops on their cones. Take
care of 3 clowns at a time and then take all 3 payments at the same time by standing
on the same spot to save time. The money will automatically slide down to the right.

DAY 21:
Lots of teenagers coming in, you need to prioritize who you serve first or you will
lose customers. The poodle skirt girls (blond ponytail, pink skirt) should always be
served first followed by the teenage boy in the black jacket. 

DAY 42:
The Bingo ladies are going to be extremely impatient in this level, move as fast as
you can and drink coffee as much as possible. 

DAY 45:
This day is not too bad. All you have are robots ordering cones with 3 scoops and no
toppings. By then you should have the upgrade for the wallpaper and the jukebox that
should keep the robot happier as they comes in. 

DAY 58:
The clowns are only going to order triple scoops with vanilla ice cream and a topping.
At the beginning of the level try and place as many cones on the plates as possible 
because they will be stuck in the back of the line. As you pull one thing off the 
chocolate topping (or any topping), have another triple scoop ready and swap it with
that one. 

DAY 60:
All the different types of customers will be there so make sure you take care of the 
most impatient ones first to get through the round.
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