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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Platform Gameboy Color Cheats, Tips & Codes

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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 - Platform: Gameboy Color

Opponent Password 
Billy Gunn  
vs. Road Dogg PJH!  
vs. Val Venis PJHT  
vs. Jeff Jarrett PJKB  
vs. Shawn Michaels PJM6  
vs. Big Boss Man PJN9  
vs. Ken Shamrock PJRW  
vs. The Big Show PJSS  
vs. Shawn Michaels PJWZ  
vs. Triple H PJXC 
vs. X-Pac/Ken Shamrock PJZX  
vs. Steve Austin PJ18  
vs. Undertaker PJ3P  
vs. Kane PJ59 
vs. The Rock PJ7N 
vs. Mankind PJ!C 
vs. Kane PKBY 
vs. The Big Show PKDY  
Steve Austin  
vs. Ken Shamrock CSD7  
vs. Jeff Jarrett CSGQ  
vs. Road Dogg CSK8  
vs. X-Pac CSL3 
vs. Billy Gunn CSP6  
vs. Val Venis CSQS  
vs. Big Bossman CSTP  
vs. Triple H CSX9 
vs. Shawn Michaels/Val Venis CS0T  
vs. Big Show C525 
vs. Kane CS4L 
vs. Mankind CS66 
vs. The Rock CS8K 
vs. The Undertaker CS!9  
vs. Mankind CTCV 
vs. Big Bossman CTFV  
The Rock  
vs. Ken Shamrock FSDM  
vs. Jeff Jarrett FSH4  
vs. Road Dogg FSKN  
vs. X-Pac FSLH 
vs. Mr. Ass FSPL 
vs. Val Venis FSR6  
vs. Big Bossman FSS3  
vs. X-Pac FSW9 
vs. Triple H FSXP 
vs. Shawn Michaels FSZ7  
vs. Big Show FS2K 
vs. Kane FS30 
vs. Mankind FS6L 
vs. Undertaker FS7Z  
vs. Stone Cold FS!P  
vs. Mankind FTB8 
vs. Big Bossman FTD8  
vs. Val Venis 2BDM  
vs. Road Dogg 2BH4  
vs. X-PAC 2BKN 
vs. Billy Gunn 2BLH  
vs. Shamrock 2BPL 
vs. Big Boss Man 2BRN  
vs. Shawn Michaels 2BS3  
vs. Billy Gunn 2BW9  
vs. HHH 2BKP 
vs. Kane 2B2K 
vs. The Big Show 2B30  
vs. Mankind 2B6L 
vs. The Rock 2B7Z 
vs. Austin 2B!P 
vs. Mankind 2CB8 
vs. Shawn Michaels 2CD8  
vs. Unknown !ODW 
vs. Unknown !OGC 
vs. Unknown !OKX 
vs. Unknown !OLR 
vs. Unknown !OPV 
vs. Unknown !OOF 
vs. Unknown !OTB 
I.C. title won !OVJ  
vs. Unknown !OXY 
vs. Unknown !O0G 
vs. Unknown !O2T 
vs. Unknown !O38 
vs. Unknown !O6V 
vs. Unknown !O77 
vs. Unknown !O!Y 
World Title won !RCH  
vs. Unknown !RFH 
vs. Ken Shamrock 4SD!  
vs. Jeff Jarrett 4SGT  
vs. Road Dogg 4SJB  
vs. X-Pac 4SL6 
vs. Mr. Ass (Cage) 4SP9  
vs. Val Venis 4SQW  
vs. Big Boss Man (I.C. Title) 4STS  
vs. X-Pac 4SVZ 
vs. HHH 4SYC 
vs. HBK and Val Venis 4SOX  
vs. Big Show 4S28 
vs. Mankind 4S4P 
vs. The rock 4S69 
vs. The Undertaker 4S89  
vs. Stone Cold (WWF Title) 4S9C  
vs. The Rock 4TCY 
vs. Big Boss Man 4TFY  

Final passwords
Each of the following passwords will put the indicated wrestler two matches 
away from the last opponent of the game, Vince McMahon.
Billy Gun: PKDY
Steve Austin: CTFV
The Rock: FTD8
X-Pac: RCDD 

Special move
Press Select when the special meter is full. 

To unlock secret characters and other bonuses, successfully complete 
the challenge under the hard difficulty setting using every character. 
e.g., start with Austin and use everyone in order to Mankind. 
The following bonuses will be unlocked.

Create-A-Wrestler Mode
Hardcore Match
Casket Match
Royal Rumble
Career Mode-Its just like the one on Attitude
Ladder Match
Title Matches

Edge: Finisher- Spear
Christian: Finisher- Impaler
Gangrel: Finisher- Implant DDT
Cactus Jack: Finisher- Double Arm DDT
Dude Love: Finisher- Love Claw
Test: Finisher- Pump Handle Slam
Jeff Hardy: Finisher- Senton Bomb
Matt Hardy: Finsher- Twist of Fate
Stephanie McMahon

Iron Man Match
Enter the options menu and switch "Play Mode" from "No.Sets" to "Time". 
Enter a time limit of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Choose versus mode and choose 
your WWF Superstar. Next, choose "Normal Ring", and you can have an Iron 
Man Match.

Easy knockdown
When your opponent is on the ground, stand in front of his head. Then, run at him. 
When he gets up you automatically will punch him back down. This will help raise 
your Bio-Rhythm meter, and will also prevent your opponent from doing their finisher 
while their Bio-Rhythm meter is raised.

The Peoples' Elbow
Select the Rock as your wrestler and get your opponent's health to about 
half. Then, knock him down near the rope. Run and bounce off the rope, 
stop at your opponents legs, and press A. The Rock will do an Elbow to the 
legs but it looks like The Peoples' Elbow.

Vince .McMahon's Low Blow Finisher
Back grapple and press Select. To back grapple, get your opponent's energy 
low, then pick them up. Walk behind them, and press Strong Grapple. 

Easy win
Suplex or drop kick our opponent outside of the ring when they are at near 
full heath. Get on the outside of the ring when they get up. Clothesline them 
once and dropkick them twice and you will have time to be back in the ring when 
the count reaches 7 or 8.

When your opponent is on the ground, stand by his head and wait for him to get 
up. As he gets up, press B and you will have him in a weak grapple. Then, do a 
move as you would in a normal grapple (for example, Up, B for a suplex). 
Note: Your opponent will punch you if do not move quickly.

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