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WWE Smackdown Here comes the Pain Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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WWE Smackdown Here comes the Pain - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by:  Arjit Srivastava

If u r playing a first blood match, then choose Eric Bischoff in his leather 
suit, u will never lose.

Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

TO enhance 100% all attribute,ability,stamina,speed,grappling,Attack,gaurd 
points of your 10 favourite Wrestlers, Play a single match taking Triple 
H as your wrestler against The Big Show.

If you win the match(Triple H vs The Big Show),then a list of all wrestlers
(All Wrestlers present in the game) even your created players will appear 
on the screen.From the list, you can choose 10 of your favourite wrestlers,
then click  OK  present on the down left side of the list.After this you 
will observe that your 10 choosen wrestlers will play more better than other 
wrestlers and win all matches(Exibition mode even in Season mode)more easily.
If your choosen wrestlers face against each other in a match(Exibition or 
Season),then with which  wrestler you will play,will play more better than 
other and you can win the match easily.                 

(I request you to add this cheat in this game as soon as possible.Please 
Please Please Please Please acting upon my NOTE make a list Of such type 
that when Triple H will win a single match(Exibition)against The Big Show 
then this list containing names or pictures or pictures with names of 
wrestlers will appear on the screen then enhance 100% all points of player's 
choosen 10 wrestlers, clicking on  OK  save the choosen players.Also do 
according to my written NOTE.

Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

Super power:
Type the following keys at main menu respectively,

Unlock all Arenas:
Type the following keys at main menu respectively,

Submitted by: hamid kaashif

Hint: Treadmill Trick
In the locker room, walk onto the treadmill and press SQUARE to start using it. 
Now press X really fast, and you will get a special quickly.

Hint: Title Match Trick
Whenever you have a title and you don't want to defend it, exit out of the game. 
You will lose the title. The next week, go to the general manager and request a 
shot for the title you've just lost. Now you can earn it back easily. This will 
make sure that you have a title match every week, and this will give you additional 
money to help you unlock those expensive items.

Hint: Electrify your opponent
When your in a Hardcore match, go to the parking lot and irish whip your opponent 
into the railing in front of the blue car. then whip your opponent into the electrical
thing where the fence was and he will get electrifyied. Note: Once you've whiped him 
into the fence go get the bike and grab the guy and throw him into the thing. It looks 

Hint: Build Up Your Custom Wrestler Easily
You don't have to use your custom wrestler (from Create a Wrestler) in the Season mode 
to strengthen his stats. You can just use a regular WWE wrestler in the season to 
accumulate attribute points, and then you can use those points later on to edit your 
custom wrestler. This will save you the trouble of using a weak custom wrestler in the 
season mode.

Hint: Easy Hell in the Cell Win
Break open one of the two sections in the top of the cell first. Then go up to the top 
and the computer opponent will follow you. Move yourself so that the opponent will step 
right into the open spot, falling to the ground suffering major damage. (The key is to 
stay on the side of the hole that is opposite of the computer opponent.)

Hint: Easy Hardcore win
Go to the parking lot area and irish whip your opponent into the huge semi. He will 
climb up it and either try to jump, or just walk off. When he hits the ground, alot 
of damage wi be inflicted to him. Do this until his meter person turns very red and 
pin and you should win! Note: if you irish whip him into the front part of it he won't 
climb up

Hint: Funny Things
If you are ever playing in the times square in back stages you can clime up a ladder 
on to a ledge then clime even higher to the top ledge. Go back until you touch the wall 
then press run. Run to the edge holding square and you're person will dive of it and 
you wont hurt yourself. Another thing is when you pick up a hub cap instead of pressing 
X just press O and you're person will throw it and smack you're enemy on the mouth. 
Clime the hellicoppter's ladder ans press LEFT or RIGHT and you can move the hellicopter.

Hint: Get out of the Elimination Chamber
To get out of the Elimination Chamber you get the other player to clime on to the turm 
buckle then up to one of the chambers. Then you go onto that turm buckle the other player 
was on. press axe and left, right, up or down and you shold dive towards the Chamber wall. 
Keep doing this until you get out.

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