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Worms 3D Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Worms 3D - Platform: XBox

Horror Voice:
To get Horror voice blow up the small grave behind the large building on the 
mission Grave Danger.

Unlock Earthquake Weapon:
Complete Jetpack Challenge 3.

Unlock Nuclear Bomb:
Complete Deathmatch Challenge 10 with all golds.

Unlock Banana Bomb:
Complete Shotgun Challenge 3.

Unlock Bridge Kit:
In the Beefcake Breakfast, get the crate on a rooftop.

Unlock Super Sheep:
Complete Sheep Challenge 3.

Unlock Mad Cows:
Complete Shotgun Challenge 3 with all golds. 

All Action Weapon scheme:
Successfully complete "Hold Until Relieved" with a "Gold" rank.

Level generator:
Not only can you type in numbers to generate levels, but you can also type in words 
and it will convert it for you.

In levels where there are objects floating in the air, if you teleport onto them 
sideways, there is a chance that you will actually teleport inside the object. 
This is especially true for the green air ships. 

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