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Virtua Quest Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Virtua Quest - Platform: Playstation 1

Pass License Tests:
Repeatedly fail the the License Tests. Eventually Goya will allow you to 
pass the tests anyway, due to your enthusiasm. 

The Soul Energy:
Collect all Hunter Badges , complete Master Test from Goya and finally 
defeat Goya in his final test.

Hunter Badge:
To get one of the Hunter Badges, go to the Twin Axis server. 
When you are at the part with the Sonic statue, Bit says "There is a 
secret with this statue, lets look around." To find the secret of the 
statue, go behind the pillars. You will see a small white dot. 
Attack the buttons. There is one on each pillar. The first one is on the 
left of the arch way that you need to find the repair program for. Next, 
go to your left and skip the next one. Attack the one after it. 
Again, go to your left, skip the next one, and attack the one after it. 
By then the next one should be the one to the right of the unrepaired door. 
Do not attack that one yet. Next, attack the pillar that is directly across 
from the last one you hit. After hitting the last two an intermission sequence 
will start. Sonic will start to spin, fly into the air, and turn into 
Super Sonic. As this is happening he will drop a three star box that has a 
Hunters Badge in it. Note: You need a three star Virtua Soul to get it.

Master Course:
There is a final training area available only once a player reaches ExA level 3. 
The second requirement is that you have all of the Hunter medals that can be 
located in the three-star boxes, one in each of the seven first servers. 
You require a level 3 skill to open them. Once you collect all seven, return 
to the Low A room and talk to the training instructor that you speak to every 
time to increase your Hunter rank. He will then say that you have the opportunity 
to try the Master Course. It is incredibly difficult and lengthy. 
This is far harder than anything you will encounter in the normal story mode. 

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