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Vigilante 8 Platform Nintendo64 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Vigilante 8 - Platform: Nintendo64

Classified Secret Moves[Sent by Yay] 
The following are the secret moves labeled as classified 
(and thus undocumented) in the manual: 

Interceptor Missiles
Halo Decoy: Up-Up-Down-Fire Machine Gun
Cost: 2 Missiles 

Bull's Eye Rockets
Stampede: Up-Down-Up-Fire Machine Gun
Cost: 5 Rockets 

Sky Hammer Mortar
Turtle Turnover: Down-Down-Down-Fire Machine Gun
Cost: 2 Shells 

Bruiser Cannon
Cow Puncher: Down-Up-Down-Fire Machine Gun
Cost: 2 Shells 

Roadkill Mines
Cactus Patch: Left-Right-Up-Fire Machine Gun
Cost: 2 to 6 Mines 

Enable Ultra high Resolution[Sent by Yay] 
Enter the password MAX_RESOLUTION.

Bonus Level[Sent by Yay]
Successfully complete 'Y' the Alien's quest and you will be 
able to play in Super Dreamland 64, a colorful fantasy world. 

All Levels, Characters, and Vehicles[Sent by Yay]
Enter the password: JTBT7CFD1LRMGW to unlock all 
Characters, stages, and cars.

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