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Vapor Trail Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Vapor Trail - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

2 P4FA-AA28 Invincibility
3 FWNA-BETJ Allow only one hit per ship
4 RG8T-A604 + FW8T-BE06 Start with 1 ship
5 RG8T-A604 + FW8T-BA06 Start with 8 ships
6 C4FA-AA5G Infinite ships
7 RGYA-A6WY + ACYA-BAW0 Start with weapons at full
8 ACTA-AAFW Very fast roll power recharge
9 SG6T-BEXA + SG6T-BEXG Start at mission 2
10 SG6T-BJXA + SG6T-BJXG Start at mission 3
11 SG6T-BNXA + SG6T-BNXG Start at mission 4
12 SG6T-BTXA + SG6T-BTXG Start at mission 5
13 SG6T-BYXA + SG6T-BYXG Start at mission 6

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