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Vanilla Sky Platform DVD Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Vanilla Sky - Platform: DVD
Hidden Gag Reel
From the [Special Features] menu, select the [Picture 
Galleries] option. When this comes up, press [Right] 
to highlight David's mask and select this to bring up 
a short gag reel. 

Go to the scene at the end of the movie when Tom's 
character jumps off the building. As he is falling, 
his life starts flashing before him. At this point 
you have to slow the play down so you can view the 
images frame by frame. Near the end of the flashback 
there are several very strange single frame pictures 
that are impossible to see at normal speed. One is of 
Tom's character holding a gun (which never happens in 
the movie) and another is his plastic surgeon in the 
film giving the camera the finger. Another is of Penelope 
Cruz's character tied up on the bed, which is strange 
becuase in the movie its Cameron Diaz's character that 
gets tied up. There are several others.

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