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Top Spin 2 Platform Xbox 360 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Top Spin 2 - Platform: Xbox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points:

Win First Exhibition Match (25 points):
Win a match in Exhibition mode.

Win First Match In Career Mode (25 points):
Win a match in Career mode.

Win First Career Tournament (25 points):
Win a tournament in Career mode.

Complete First Career (200 points):
Play through an entire career.

Reach #1 World Rank In Career (100 points):
Reach the top of the World Rankings in Career mode.

End Career With 1 000 Points (250 points):
Complete a career with over 1,000 career points.

Beat All Female Pro Players (75 points):
Defeat all female licensed players in Exhibition mode.

Beat All Male Pro Players (75 points):
Defeat all male licensed players in Exhibition mode.

Win First Ranked Match (25 points):
Defeat any opponent in an Xbox Live Ranked match.

Play 50 Ranked Matches (100 points):
Play in 50 Xbox Live Ranked matches.

Win 25 Ranked Matches (100 points):
Win 25 Xbox Live Ranked matches.

Easier wins in career mode:
Have your career stats as follows:

Speed     : 10
Focus     : 10
Service   : 8
Forehand  : 10
Backhand  : 10
Precision : 10
Power     : 10 

Disregard all the other attributes, especially Stamina. As long as you remain focused on 
what your player and CPU is doing and try to win the point as soon as possible, Stamina 
does not matter. Reflexes do not matter also, unless you really like coming to net. 
However, most players probably choose to use the baseline and only come up to the net 
when the other player or CPU does a dump volley. Volley is not really that useful either,
especially if you are a baseline player. Spins are only useful if you know exactly when 
and how to use them (like the lob), so disregard these attributes. Precision is fairly 
important so. If you want to divide the Focus and Precision with 5 each, then it may be 

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