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Time Crisis Crisis Zone Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Time Crisis - Crisis Zone - Platform: Playstation 1

Double Gun mode:
Get over 60% completion to unlock double gun mode in story mode.

Unlimited ammunition:
Get over 100% completion to unlock unlimited ammunition (no reloads) in story mode. 

Story Mode Special:
Complete both Story Mode scenarios. Story Mode Special allows choice of the 
machine gun, plus shotgun and handgun, which all can be switched between by 
pulling the trigger while taking cover.

Grassmarket District:
To unlock the Grassmarket District scenario in story mode, complete the original 
Garland Square scenario. Grassmaket District is a PlayStation2 exclusive mission 
that follows events six years after the Garland Square scenario.

Trial mode:
Unlock Trial Mode by completing both scenarios in Story Mode Special.

Additional Crisis Missions:
As your Achievement percentage increases (by unlocking various features and 
progressing through them), the additional Crisis Mission categories will be 
revealed and become available.

Zone Bosses:
Each zone has its own Boss. The following is a list of zones and the Bosses 
which are featured in each:

Drycreek Plaza           : M1 Tank
Garland Park             : Hind D
Garland Technology Center: Tiger and Edge (URDA Special Agents)
Geyser 1                 : Derrick Lynch (URDA Leader)
Grassmarket Street       : A-0940
Belforte Hotel           : Jared Hunter (New Leader) on Jetpack
Crimson Sea              : Jared Hunter (New Leader) on Speedboat 

Crisis Missions secret weapons:
Kill the opponent in brown body armor that appears for a short time in the 
following levels to unlock the weapon.

Flame thrower   : Drycreek Plaza; in the store room
Gatling gun     : Grassmarket Street; in the first open area
Grenade launcher: Belforte Hotel
Laser rifle     : Garland Technology Center; the room with the automatic gun turrets
Missile launcher: Garland Park; among the STF trucks.

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