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The Dog Island Platform Wii Cheats, Tips & Codes

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The Dog Island - Platform: Wii

Finding the Blue Rose:
When you first go in Chiro, there should be a cave to the extreme right. Go past 
the snake, but do not follow the water to reach it. If you find bats, you have 
gone too far.

Alex's riddles:
Riddle 1: The answer is a candle, which can be found in the Victory Dogs' 
Riddle 2: If you ask Alex for a hint, he will tell you to ask Amalia for help. 
You can ask her for a hint or the answer, which is nails. You can then answer 
the riddle by talking to Alex again.
Riddle 3: What carries its home on its back in the rain? The answer is a 
Riddle 4: What has a mouth on its head and eats everything? The answer is a 

Dinosaur skeleton:
If you choose the wrong color button, you will lose half a life point. Make sure 
you have lots of healing items when attempting this. Try pressing green, red, 
blue, blue. The "hidden" button is in the middle.

Sniffing stones:
When at the place where you must sniff four square stones in the correct order, 
try the following:

Upper right, upper left 
Lower right, lower left

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