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Tekki Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Tekki - Platform: XBox

Mech and level select in free mission mode:
At the title screen, move the tuner to the following positions in order, with a 
one second pause before moving to the next position: 1, 9, 7, 9, 0, 9, 0, 6. If 
you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Note: Position "0" is on 
the left end of the dial, position "4" is at the top of the dial, etc.

Note: This cheat is available in the Japanese version of the game. This mode 
does not protect players from drowning or being killed by non-VT sources of 
damage (like tanks or traps). You also remain unprotected from secondary damage 
effects such as shutdown from railgun hits and other EMP damage. Clear the 2082 
campaign after logging 200 or more hours (check pilot records - this is the 
aggregate Op Time). Go to the Controller Settings and enter the Controller 
Function Verification screen. Use the following buttons. The gear shifter should 
be in "N", the flip switches should be in the "Off" positions, and the radio 
tuner should be pointing in the 9 o'clock position (cardinal left). Both large 
joysticks and the hat switch (Sight Change) should be in the neutral position. 
Each of the following buttons should be pressed after the previous entry within 
ten seconds (preferably less). On the left console, shift the gear from R, N, 1, 
2, 3, 4, 5, then back to N (start gear at N). Then, flip the toggle switches 
from its "Off" position to "On", then back to "Off: in the following order: Filt 
Control System, Oxygen Supply System, Fuel Flow Rate, Buffer Material, VT 
Location Measurement. On the left console, move the Sight Change stick (the hat 
switch) Up, Down, Left, Right. Then from that position (Right), do one complete 
rotation. Afterwards, move the left joystick (the big stick) Left, Right, then 
let it center. On the center console, press each communication button in order 
from left to right, then press F1: Tank Detach, F.S.S., F2, Override, 
Mainpulator, F3, Nightscope, Line Colour Change, Washing, Extinguisher, Chaff, 
Main, Sub, Magazine Change. On the center console, spin the tuner dial clockwise 
from the 9 o'clock position until it goes through each click (i.e., click 
through 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock back to 9 o'clock position). On the 
right console, press Eject, Cockpit Hatch, Ignition, Start, Open/Close, Map 
Zoom, Mode Select, Submonitor Mode Select, Main HUD Zoom In (labeled as "In"), 
Main Hud Zoom Out (labeled as "Out"). On the right joystick (the big stick), 
press Main Weapon, Lock On, Subweapon (the trigger), and proceed to move the 
right joystick (starting from a neutral position) to Up, Down, Left, Right. 
Then, from the last position, rotate it one full circle. On the foot unit, press 
and release the Left Pedal (Dodge), Middle Pedal (Brake), then Right Pedal 
(Accelerate). If you entered the code correctly, the LEDs should light up 

Infinite ammunition and fuel:
Log 100 hours, then reset the game and win 2080 mode one more time. Press Start 
+ Reload during the loading screen to unlock unlimited ammunition and fuel.

Movie viewer option:
Successfully the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the "Movie 
Viewer" option under the configuration menu at the main menu.

Voice select option:
Successfully complete the game on the veteran difficulty setting to unlock the 
"Voice Select" option under the configuration menu at the main menu.

Desperado difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game on the veteran difficulty setting to unlock the 
desperado difficulty setting.

Lower mech:
Successfully complete the game on the desperado difficulty setting. Press Hatch 
+ Start during a game to lower your mech.

Remove HUD:
Get to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Then, press Ignition + Start during a 

Black and white graphics:
Win mission 23 on the veteran difficulty setting. Press Start + Night Scope 
during the mission loading screen to switch between black and white and color 

Jump flight ability:
Win mission 23 on the magnum force difficulty setting. Press Start + F3 during a 
mission and repeatedly jump to get higher.

Disable weight limit and equip all weapons:
Begin Mission 6 on a difficulty level of Veteran or greater. You can do this in 
your campaign or in free mission mode. When you reach the mountain compound and 
the blast doors open, fight your way inside and examine the floor to the left of 
the second door for a person waving his arms (you may need to use night vision). 
This is Corporal Arnold. Grab him with your manipulator arm and run like hell, 
as this room seems to constantly generate VTs. After completing the mission, 
start a campaign mission or free mission and press Start + Main Weapon (on the 
center block, not the control stick) at the briefing menu to make your VTs max 
weight 100 and give it the ability to use any weapon. If done correctly, the 
message "WEP ALL" will appear on the briefing screen.

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