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TazMania Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

Tags: TazMania Platform Sega Cheat Codes, TazMania Platform Sega Hints, TazMania Platform Sega Secrets

Taz-Mania - Platform: Sega

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Hold A + B + C on controllers one and
two at the screen. A chime will confirm correct code entry. Enter
one of the following controller actions to enable the corresponding
cheat effect.

Partial invincibility
Pause game play and press B. 

Full health
Pause game play and press A. Note: This will disable the 
"Partial invincibility" code. 

Level select
Pause game play and press C. Three numbers will be displayed. 
The bottom number corresponds to the level. Press Left and Right to 
select a level and press Start to resume game play. 

Level skip
Pause game play and press A + B + C.

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

1 AJKT-JA24 Infinite lives
2 AEJT-JABY + AEKT-JAB2 Start with 1 life
3 AJJT-JABY + AJKT-JAB2 Start with 2 lives
4 ATJT-JABY + ATKT-JAB2 Start with 4 lives
5 AYJT-JABY + AYKT-JAB2 Start with 5 lives
6 CAJT-JABY + CAKT-JAB2 Start with 10 lives
7 CYJT-JABY + CYKT-JAB2 Start with 15 lives
8 EAJT-JABY + EAKT-JAB2 Start with 20 lives
9 LAJT-JABY + LAKT-JAB2 Start with 50 lives
10 AAJT-JCBY + AAKT-JCB2 Start with 100 lives
11 AKCT-GA7W Infinite continues
12 A1GT-GADE 5 seconds to continue game
13 NDGT-GADE 60 seconds to continue game
14 AMGA-GA3R Infinite time to continue game
15 AJXA-GA22 Never lose health


16 PYKT-KJW2 Play every 2nd level
17 PYKT-KNW2 Play every 3rd level
18 PYKT-KTW2 Play every 4th level
19 PYKT-KYW2 Play every 5th level
20 AB4T-EAAN 0 seconds of invincibility when
   star is eaten
21 W34T-EAAN 5 seconds of invincibility when
    star is eaten
22 FV4T-ECAN 10 seconds of invincibility when
   star is eaten
23 TV4T-EGAN 30 seconds of invincibility when
   star is eaten
24 BB4T-ERAN 60 seconds of invincibility when
   star is eaten
25 CB4T-E6AN 120 seconds of invincibility when
   star is eaten
26 G2LT-JAF0 2 seconds of invincibility after injury
27 4JLT-JAF0 7 seconds of invincibility after injury
28 FTLT-JCF0 10 seconds of invincibility after injury
29 2JLT-JCF0 15 seconds of invincibility after injury
30 MALT-JEF0 20 seconds of invincibility after injury
31 AKAA-GA7G Infinite invincibility after star or injury
32 AB4A-FA8A Each photo 1 worth 0 extra lives
33 AK4A-FA8A Each photo 1 worth 2 extra lives
34 AP4A-FA8A Each photo 1 worth 3 extra lives
35 AZ4A-FA8A Each photo 1 worth 5 extra lives
36 CB4A-FA8A Each photo 1 worth 10 extra lives
37 AK4A-EA9R Each photo 3 worth 0 continues
38 PZ4A-FJ1R Each photo 3 worth 2 continues
39 PZ4A-FN1R Each photo 3 worth 3 continues
40 PZ4A-FT1R Each photo 3 worth 4 continues
41 PZ4A-FY1R Each photo 3 worth 5 continues
42 PZ4A-F21R Each photo 3 worth 6 continues
43 PZ4A-F61R Each photo 3 worth 7 continues
44 PZ4A-FA1R Each photo 3 worth 8 continues
45 MA4A-FF1T Each photo 3 worth 1 extra life
46 AK4A-EA6J Each food worth 0% health
47 FZ4A-FEYJ Each food worth 8% health
48 FZ4A-FJYJ Each food worth 16% health
49 FZ4A-FTYJ Each food worth 33% health
50 FZ4A-FYYJ Each food worth 42% health
51 FZ4A-F2YJ Each food worth 50% health
52 FZ4A-F6YJ Each food worth 58% health
53 FZ4A-FAYJ Each food worth 67% health
54 RF4A-E6YW Each food worth 100% health

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